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New York State Documents: A Finding Guide: Guides

Historical background on New York State documents with details on finding and viewing them in various formats (paper, microfiche, and electronic/online). Click on the TABS to access each section.


Butch, Dorothy. New York State Documents: An Introductory Manual.
Albany: University of the State of New York, State Education Dept..., 1987.
(New York State Library Bibliography Bulletin 89).
(Olin Ref Z 1223.5 .N7 .B97 +)

An annotated list of sources with extensive historical information and explanations of the publications of the state. Written by Dorothy Butch, for many years a reference librarian at the New York State Library. The Appendix (pp. 116-120) contains a detailed explanation of the classification system (i.e., "call numbers") for New York State documents developed by the State Library.

The New York Red Book.
Albany: J. B. Lyon, 1892-1895; Williams Press, 1896- .
(Olin JK 3431, latest edition in Reference; partial runs in other libraries)

The directory and manual of New York State government: executive, judiciary, and legislature. Includes biographies of legislators, judges, and executives and lists office holders and party representatives down to the county level. It also supples excellent descriptions of state agencies and digests of major legislation. Olin owns the entire run except 1893.

New York State Government Information.
[Albany]: New York State Library, 2002.
[; viewed 15 April 2004]

Links to New York State web sites; NYS Assembly Web Site; NYS Senate Web Site; Unified Court System; New York State Laws (the text of the State constitution, the NYS consolidated Laws, the NYS Unconsolidated Laws, and the current year's NYS Chapters), New York State Legislative History Research Tutorial; New York State Documents; State Information and Emblems; New York State Agency Databases, and New York State FAQ (Questions about New York that are frequently answered at the New York State Library's reference desk).

NYDOCS: New York State Document Classification System: The Arrangement of New York State Documents in Libraries (shelved with the MICROFICHE 932 GUIDE in the Olin Reference microform shelves) is an explanation of the NYS document classification system.

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