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Sociology 3650: Sociology of Disasters: Statistics


Finding meaningful, relevant statistics can be difficult sometimes.


  • ·         Statistics on socioeconomic topics are not always available for a small enough geographic area to target the locus of a disaster.
  • ·         Statistics might not be available longitudinally for the precise dates required to analyze a “before” and “after” scenario.
  • ·         Many non-U.S. countries either do not track, or make available, statistics for the topic, time or geographic locality needed.
  • ·         Correlation does not necessarily indicate causation.

Be sure to plan ahead so you have enough time to search, confer with your professor, and consult with library staff before you assume that the numbers you need are available.

Journal articles that provide statistics

Some databases enable you to limit search results to journal articles that contain various kinds of data.

Ebsco databases such as SocIndex or Academic Search Premier, allow you to select Image Quick View Types: including graph, chart or diagram from the lower left corner of the search screen.

Statistics Sources for the Social Sciences

Library Guide on Statistics Sources from Government Librarian Lynn Thitchener:

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