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ARTH 3226/6226 : Art of Late Antiquity (Fall 2016): Find...

(also ARKEO 3226/6226, CLASS 3746, MEDVL 3226, NES 3226, RELST 3226, VISST 3226) Library research guide for Prof. Ben Anderson's course


Search for:

P. 19:   "the small community of Orcistus in Galatia"           "Sergilla in Syria"

P. 20:   "Tebessa in North Africa"

P. 21:   "the new capitals at Trier and Constantinople"


Constantinople, as depicted in the Nuremberg Chronicle (the Liber cronicarum), 1493.
Source: Wikimedia Foundation (but Cornell does own a copy!)


Examine the reference works on the Context Page of this guide!

Search for:

P. 20: Theodoret of Cyrrhus
Theophilus of Alexandria

P. 24: St. Demetrius


Search in the EXHIBITION CATALOG for:

P. 20    "the Riha Paten at Dumbarton Oaks [cat. no. 547]"
P. 24    "the figures of the Tyche ... of the individual cities of the Empire" [Brown lists a few examples, but focus on cat. no. 155]
P. 25    "the heavy silver of the sacred vessels..." [again, a few listed here, but focus on cat. no. 532]


Archangel Michael with St. Demetrius, 11th-12th century.
Source: Walters Museum

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