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ARTH 3226/6226 : Art of Late Antiquity (Fall 2016): Imaging

(also ARKEO 3226/6226, CLASS 3746, MEDVL 3226, NES 3226, RELST 3226, VISST 3226) Library research guide for Prof. Ben Anderson's course

Overhead scanner

The Fine Arts Library has a convenient overhead Zeutschel scanner:

Bring a USB drive or send files to your email address or dropbox account. Scans in 300 or 600 dpi resolution.
Check the equipment map for the location of other scanners on campus.


Adobe Reader (PDF) -Snapshot Tool

On a Mac, use Apple's Grab utility to take screenshots. This is handy for acquiring images from pdfs for use in Powerpoints. Evernote's Skitch is another popular Mac capture tool.

There are plenty of screenshot/capture utilities for Windows, such as the Snipping Tool, Jing, and Snagit.

The Snapshot tool in Adobe Reader allows you to easily select images in a PDF document, copy these to the clipboard, and save to another document or software program (Photoshop, etc.).

This video (from via YouTube) explains how it's done:

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