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ARTH 3226/6226 : Art of Late Antiquity (Fall 2016): Library Services

(also ARKEO 3226/6226, CLASS 3746, MEDVL 3226, NES 3226, RELST 3226, VISST 3226) Library research guide for Prof. Ben Anderson's course

Privileges at Columbia

Current Cornell students may use Columbia University's libraries in New York City and even check out circulating materials from Columbia. This requires a bit of advance planning, but may be a useful service.

Research Consultations

You may request a research consultation for assistance or guidance on any research project, from seminar paper to dissertation.

Library Services


Do you live off-campus? Do you contemplate needing to use databases while traveling? Are you having difficulty getting access to licensed library resouces? (i.e. databases, e-books, your library account)?

If so, try using PassKey. It's is a "bookmarklet" designed to give Cornell community members access to licensed library resources while they are away from campus.

Passkey Bookmarklet 

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