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AEM 2700: Business Communications (Spring 2015): Why Cite?


Be aware that failing to cite properly is usually considered plagiarism.  The Cornell College of Arts and Sciences has designed a short tutorial and quiz on important details to be aware of regarding plagiarism.  Please visit this site, complete the tutorial, and email results to  This will count as part of your grade.

Go through the tutorial at and then complete the exercises at

Types of citations

There are a few different types of citations to be aware of, most notably there are Bibliographic citations and in-text citations.  These work together and both serve their own equally important purpose to your assignments.  In-text citations tell the reader exactly which item listed in your bibliography is responsible for a particular arguement or idea.  Bibliographic citations provide the reader with a complete list of materials used with all the necessary information to find those resources, so that they can access those materials if they so choose.  

In-text citations can come in one of three different formats.  Footnotes, Endnotes, or Parenthetical citations.  APA style typically uses Parenthetical citations, so for the sake of consistancy, that is what you should use in this class.

The Importance of Citations

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