GOVT 1101.103: Democracy and Secrecy (Fall 2016): Locating the book by call number

Locating in the stacks

In Olin and Uris, look for the map to the stacks posted next to elevators and stairwells.

Olin Library houses call numbers A - P
Uris Library houses call numbers Q - Z

Each floor houses double-oversize (call number ++), oversize (call number+) and regular size books. Check your call number and then check the floor map at the head of each floor.

++ call number ranges have green labels at the end of each row.
+ call number ranges have pink labels at the end of each row.
Regular size have white labels at the end of each row.


Find the call number

Level 6, Stack aisle (Regular size section)

The back side of the last row on the floor!

Hit the light switch to light up the aisle.

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