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Primary Sources: Garland Library of North American Indian Captivity Narratives: No CUL

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Below are linked records for one of potentially many holdings for the narratives.  Be sure to complete a search in the catalog, or ask for help at the Reference Desk to be certain you have the best edition for your scholarly needs.

(1757) A full and particular account, of the sufferings of William Gatenby; who is just arrived from America, with a true account of many circumstances relating to this unfortunate war, by which some hundreds of poor families are brought to utter ruin and destruction, to which himself and family have fallen victims. He gives an account of being attacked by the Indians from the back settlements, who took his wife and child by force away, and killed his two slaves. How he and others pursued them, retook his wife and child, and killed three of the savages. by William Gatenby

(1757) The Travels and Surprising Adventures of John Thomson, Who Was Taken, and Carried to America, and Sold for a Slave There; How He Was Taken Captive by the Savages,...and His Return to Scotland by John Thomson

(1762) Erzehlung Eines Unter Den Indianern Gewesener Gefangenen = Captivity of Abraham Urssenbacher  by Abraham Urssenbacher

(1763) The Horrid Cruelty of the Indians by Charles Saunders

(1766) Extract from an Account of the Captivity of William Henry in 1755, and of His Residence Among the Senneka Indians Six Years and Seven Months till He Made His Escape from Them ... by William Henry

(1787) John Graham's Address to the Master and Worthy Family of this House Showing His Suffering Among the Indians of West Florida ... by John Graham

(1801) The Life and Travels of James Tudor Owen: Who, Amidst a Variety of Other Interesting Particulars, Gives an Account of His Being in an East Indian Campaign, and His Singular Adventures while Among the Hindoos, as also His Voyage, Shipwreck, and Journey with a Troop of Wild Roving Arabs over Immense Burning Sands, and Trackless Desarts: He Embarks from the Egyptian Shore for Ireland, and There During the Late War with America Gains an Ensigncy to Go with the British Forces Against that County, is Wounded in Battle, and Taken by the Agiguans, a Warlike Nation Inhabiting the Wilds of America ... by James Tudor Owen

(1805) Savage Barbarism by Mary Smith

(1808) Horrid murder by the Indians

(1805) A Narrative of the Captivity of Isaac Webster by Issac Weber

(1809) Merkwürdige und Interessante Lebensgeschichte der Frau von Wallville, Welche Vier Jahre Lang an Einen Irokesen Verheyrathet War by Maria Wallville

(1810) Seizure of the Ship Industry, by a Conspiracy, and the Consequent Sufferings of Capt. James Fox and His Companions: Their Captivity Among the Esquimaux Indians in North America; And the Miraculous Escape of the Captain by Thomas Tegg

(1813) Murder of the Whole Family of Samuel Wells, Consisting of His Wife and Sister and Eleven Children, by the Indians

(1817 - 1844) A Tale of Other Times...the History of the Captivity of Jonas Groves with the Indians: In Western Herald and Steubenville Gazette, v. 13, no. 33-34, Aug. 12, 19, 1820

(1822) The Little Osage Captive: An Authentic Narrative by Elias Cornelius

(1824) An Interesting Narrative by Anne Jamison

(1826) Narrative of William Biggs While He was a Prisoner with the Kickapoo Indians by William Biggs

(1830) The Contrast, or the Evils of War, and the Blessings of Christianity Exemplified in the Life and Adventures of Paul Placid by Paul Placid

(1830) St. Maur, or the Captive Babes Recovered

(1832) Narrative of the Capture and Providential Escape of Misses Frances and Almira Hall, 2 Respectable Young Women of the Ages 16 and 18 Who Were Taken Prisoners by the Savages by William P. Edwards

(1832) William Weston, Or the Reward of Perseverance by William Weston

(1833) The Captivity and Sufferings of Gen. Freegift Patchin of Blenheim, Schoharie County, Among the Indians Under Brant, the Noted Chief, During the Border Warfare in the Time of the American Revolution, Now First Published: with some Account of the Person and Character of Joseph Brant. Also, Traits of Mexican Tradition, Respecting the Flood of Noah, and the Confusion of Ancient Language by Josiah Priest

(1834) Narrative of the Captivity and Providential Escape of Mrs. [Jane] Lewis by Hannah Lewis

(1835) U.S. Congress Report on Claims of Samuel Cozad by Elisha Whittlesey

(1836) An Authentic Narrative of the Seminole War; and of the Miraculous Escape of Mrs. Mary Godfrey, and Her Four Female Children. Annexed is a Minute Detail of the Horrid Massacres of the Whites, by the Indians and Negroes, in Florida, in the Months of December, January, and February by Daniel F. Blanchard

(1836) A Narrative of the Sufferings of Massy Harbison from Indian Barbarity, Giving an Account of Her Captivity, the Murder of Her 2 Children, Her Escape, with an Infant at Her Breast by Massy Harbison

(1836) Narrative of the Massacre, by the Savages, of the Wife and Children of Thomas Baldwin: Who, Since the Melancholy Period of the Destruction of his Unfortunate Family, has Dwelt Entirely Alone, in a Hut of his Own Construction, Secluded from Human Society, in the Extreme Western Part of the State of Kentucky by Thomas Baldwin

(1836) Captivity and Sufferings of Mrs. Mason

(1838) History of the Captivity and Providential Release Therefrom of Mrs. Caroline Harris, Wife of the Late Mr. Richard Harris, of Franklin Co., State of N. York: who, with Mrs. Clarissa Plummer...Were, in the Spring of 1835...Taken Prisoners by the Camanche [sic] Tribe of Indians, while Emigrating from Said Franklin Co. (N.Y.) to Texas ... by Caroline Harris

(1838) Narrative of the Captivity and Extreme Sufferings of Mrs. Clarissa Plummer, Wife of the Late Mr. James Plummer ...: Who, with Mrs. Caroline Harris...were, in the Wpring of 1835, with their Unfortunate Families, Surprised and Taken Prisoners by a Party of the Comanche Tribe of Indians, While Emigration from...Franklin County (N.Y.) to Texas: and After Having Been Held Nearly Two Years in Captivity, and Witnessed the Deaths of Their Hunsbands, were Fortunately Redeemed from the Hands of the Savages by an American Fur Trader... by Clarissa Plummer

(1839) Narrative of Ransom Clark, the Only Survivor of Major Dade's Command in Florida; Containing Brief Descriptions of what Befel Him from His Enlistment in 1833, till his Discharge, in 1836; with an Account of the Inhuman Massacre, by the Indians and Negroes, of Major Dade's Detachment by Ransom Clark

(1839) In Columbian Almanac, or, The North-American calendar, for the year of our Lord 1839... Wunderbare Flucht in Wilden (Captivity of Jakob Morgan)

(1839) The Low Dutch Prisoner; Being an Account of the Capture of Federick Schermerhorn, when a Lad of Seventeen Years Old, by a Party of Mohawks, in the Time of the Revolution, Who Took Him Near the Famous Mountain House in the State of New York, and of His Sufferings Through the Wilderness with the Indians. Also, the Story of the Hermit Found in a Cave of the Allegany Mountains, and of the Miners of Minisink: with Some other Curious Matters, Which the Reader May Consider Useful as well as Interesting by Josiah Priest

(1840) Narrative of the extraordinary life of John Conrad Shafford Known by Many by the Name of the Dutch Hermit... by John Conrad Shafford

(1840) A True Narrative of the Capture of David Ogden: Among the Indians, in the Time of the Revolution, and of the Slavery and Sufferings He Endured, with an Account of His Almost Miraculous Escape After Several Years' Bondage; with Eight Other Highly Interesting Stories of the Revolution, and Tales of Hunters by Josiah Priest

(1840) A True Story of the Extraordinary Feats, Adventures and Sufferings of Matthew Calkins, Chenango Co.; N.Y. in the War of the Revolution--Never Before Publishedby Josiah Priest

(1841) Authentic Particulars of the Death of Lieut. Thomas Boyd, of the Rifle Corps, in the Border Wars of the American Revolution, who was Put to Death by the Indians in the Most Cruel Manner, at "Little Beard's Town" (now called Leicester)

(1845) The Bible Boy Taken Captive by the Indians by Herman Cope

(1848) Interesting narrative of the sufferings of Mr. Joseph Barker, and his wife, who were taken by a scouting party of British and Indians, and all their property destroyed, in 1777 by Originally published by Solomon Barker

(1848) An Indian Tradition: No Fiction: The Traditionary History of a Narrow and Providential Escape of Some White Men from Being Tomahawked, Scapled, and Robbed by a Party of Taw-Way Indians by M. T. Wallace

(1851) A Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. Horn and Her Two Children, with Mrs. Harris, by the Camanche Indians... by Sarah Ann Horne

(1851) History of the Revolutionary War…Brief Account of the Captivity and Cruel Sufferings of Captain Deitz and John and Robert Brice ...who were taken prisoners of war by the British Indians and Tories by James R. Brice & Josiah Priest

(1851) The Life and Adventures of David C. Butterfield, a Northwestern Pioneer...Written by Himself in his Wild Western Style by David C. Butterfield

(1851) Revolutionary Incident, the Captivity of Capt. Jeremiah Snyder and Elias Snyder of Saugerties In: Saugerties Telegraph, v.5, no. 13-4, Jan. 25 & Feb. 1., 1851 by Charles G. De Witt

(1851) The Young Merchant and the Indian Captive, a Tale Founded on Fact by Henry Diffenderffer

(1852) Scenes in Texas, Being a Recital of the Sufferings of a Lady in Her Escape from the Indians (After Seeing her Husband Shot by One of Them) with Three Children and a Negro Boy and who Underwent Hardships that Human Nature is Able to Endure by I. Call

(1852) The Lost Child: Or the Child Claimed by Two Mothers: a Narrative of the Loss and Discovery of Casper A. Partridge Among the Menomenee Indians, with a Concise Abstract of Court Testimony and a Review of Commissioner Buttrick’s Decision by Florus B. Plimpton

(1853) Indian Battles, Murders, Seiges [sic] and Forays in the Southwest. Containing the Narratives of Gen. Hall, Col. Brown, Capt. Carr, John Davis, John Bosley, Samuel Blair, John Rains, Dr. Shelby, Thomas Everett, Iincluding Accounts of the Nickojack Campaign, Attack at Buchanan's Station, the Cold Water Expedition, Burning of Sigler's Fort, battle of Caney Fork, Attack on Greenfield Fort, Defence of Bledsoe's Lick, etc.

(1853) A True Narrative of Daniel McCollum by O.Z. Brown

(1854) Heroic Women of the West: Comprising Thrilling Examples of Courage, Fortitude, Devotedness, and Self-Sacrifice, Among the Pioneer Mothers of the Western Country by John Frost

(1855) Eighteen Years a Captive Among the Indians: A Very Interesting Narrative In: America's Own. vol. 7, no. 18. by Joseph Barney

(1855) The Escape of Alexander M'Connell of Lexington, Ky. from Captivity by the Indians

(1856) Regina, the German Captive, or, True Piety Among the Lowly by Reuben Weiser

(1857) Perils of the Ocean and Wilderness: Or, Narratives of Shipwreck and Indian Captivity, Gleaned from Early Missionary Annals by John G. Shea

(1858) Five Years a Captive Among the Black-Feet Indians by Sylvester Crakes


(1860) The Indian Captives in Oquawka Spectator, III, v. 3, no. 16, May 17, 1860 by Larsena A. Page

(1860) Joseph Brown: Or, the Young Tennessean Whose Life Was Saved by the Power of Prayer. An Indian Tale by Thomas O Summers

(1860) Nathan Todd, or, the Fate of the Sioux Captive by Edward S. Ellis

(1861) Short Narrative of James Kimball, 11 Years a Captive Among the Snake Indians by James P. Kimball

(1861) The Life of Joseph Persinger Who Was Taken by the Shawnee Indians When an Infant: With a Short Acount of the Indian Troubles in Missouri: and a Sketch of the Adventures of the Author

(1863) Abenteuer Unter Den Indianern: Oder, Ina's Gefangenschfaft Unter Den Wilden und Ihre Wunderbare Befreiung

(1865) Seminole Chief (Billy Bowlegs) Or the Captives of Kissimmee by Harry Hazelton

(1866) Reminiscences of Col. John Ketcham, of Monroe County, Indiana, by his Pastor by Thomas M. Hopkins

(1868) The Orphan's Experience, or, the Hunter and Trapper: Being a History of the Personal Experience of M. V. B. Morrison by M. V. B. Morrison

(1869) Lost and Found in the Rocky Mountains In The Western Monthly, Vol. 2, no. ?, pp. 11-21 by J. E. Hood

(1870) The Child Captives: A True Tale of Life Among the Indians of the West by Margaret K. Hosmer

(1871) Sketch of the Life of John Reary by John Reary and P. B. Hews


(1872) The True Narrative of the Five Years' Suffering and Perilous Adentures of Miss Barber, Wife of "Squatting Bear," a Celebrated Sioux Chief by Mary Barber

(1874) One More Chapter of Indian Barbarities: Fiendish Treatment of a Lawrence Man by the Rocky Mountain Snake Indians. A captive Two Years. Personal Narrative Briefly Stated by G. W. Salisbury

(1875) Life and adventures of L.D. Lafferty: being a true biography of one of the most remarkable men of the great Southwest, from an adventurous boyhood in Arkansas, through a protracted life of almost unparalleled sufferings and hairbreadth escapes upon the frontier of Texas by A. H. Abney

(1878) Life of Dr. William F. Carver of California, Champion Rifle-Shot of the World: Truthful Story of His Capture by the Indians When a Child, and Romantic Life Among the Savages for a Period of Sixteen Years. To which is Appended, a Record of his Remarkable Exhibitions of Skill with a Rifle... by William F. Carver

(1878) Rambles in Wonderland: Or, Up the Yellowstone and Among the Geysers and Other Curiosities of the National Park by Edwin J. Stanley

(1879) The Ute massacre! : Brave Miss Meeker's captivity! : Her Own Account of It: Also, the Narratives of Her Mother and Mrs. Price, to which is Added Further Thrilling and Intensely Interesting Details, not Hitherto Published, of the Bravery and Frightful Sufferings Endured by Mrs. Meeker, Mrs. Price and Her Two Children, and by Miss Josephine Meeker by Josephine Meeker

(1880s) Grandfather's Captivity and Escape by Mrs. L. G. Benton

(1888) Captivity of Father Peter Milet: Amon the Oneida Indians. His Own Narrative with Supplementary Documents by Pierre Milet

(1888) Life and Travels of Josiah Mooso: A Life on the Frontier Among Indians and Spaniards, Not Seeing the Face of a White Woman for 15 Years by Josiah Mooso

(1888) Lost and Found: Or Three Months with the Wild Indians; A Brief Sketch of the Life of Ole T. Nystel, Embracing His Experience While in Captivity to the Comanches and Subsequent Liberation from Them by Ole T. Nystel

(1890) Wehman's Book on the Scalping Knife: Or the Log Cabin in Flames by Henry J. Wehman

(1897) In Captivity: The Experience, Privations, and Dangers of Sam'l J. Brown, and others, While Prisoners of the Hostile Sioux, During the Massacre and War of 1862

(1899) A Condensed History of the Apache and Comanche Indian Tribes by Jonathan H. Jones

(1901) The Shetek Pioneers and the Indians by Harry J. Hibschman

(1902) Elizabeth Hicks, a True Romance of the American War of Independence, 1775 to 1783 by Elizabeth J. Hicks

(1902) Scout Journals, 1757. Narrative of James Johnson, a Captive During French and Indian Wars by James Johnson

(1904) The Story of My Capture and Escape During the Minnesota Indian Massacre of 1862 with Historical Notes, Description of Pioneer Life, and Sketches and Incidents of the Great Outbreak of the Sioux or Dakota Indians as I Saw Them by Helen M. Tarble

(1911) Buckelew, the Indian Captive: Or the Life Story of F. M. Buckelew While a Captive Among the Lipan Indians in the Western Wilds of Frontier Texas by F. M. Buckelew

(1912) Old Record of the Captivity of Margaret Erskine 1779

(1915) The Story of the Captivity and Rescue from the Indians of Luke Swetland: An Early Settler of the Wyoming Valley and a Soldier of the American Revolution by Edward Merrifield

(1916) Indian Horrors of the Fifties: Story and LIfe of the Only Known Living Captive of the Indian Horrors of Sixty Years Ago by Jesse H. Alexander

(1920-1929?) Stirring Adventures of the Joseph R. Brown Family: Their Captvity During the Indian Uprising of 1862 and Description of Their Old Home Near Sacred Heart -- Destroyed by the Indians by George G. Allanson

(1927) Boy Captives, Being the True Story of the Experiences and Hardships of Clinton L. Smith and Jeff D. Smith, Among the Comanche and Apache Indians During the Early Days by Clinton L. Smith, Jefferson D. Smith, and Marvin J. Hunter

(1930?) Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. Jane Frazier Taken from Thomas' History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania by Jane Frazier

(1931) History of the Capture and Captivity of David Boyd from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, in 1756 by Marion M. Davis, Ed.

(1932) The Means Massacre, Molly Finney, the Canadian Captive by Charles P. Illsley

(1938) Narrative of Titus King of Northampton, Mass., a Prisoner of the Indians in Canada, 1755-1758 by Titus King

(1944) Captivity of Jonathan Alder by David K. Webb

(1954) Horrors of Indian Captivity: Authentic and Thrilling Sketches of Tragedies That Occurred on the Texas Frontier During Indian Times by John M. Hunter

(1962) Indian John: Life of John W. Johnson  by John W. Johnson

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