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Primary Sources: Garland Library of North American Indian Captivity Narratives: 20th


(1902) History of the Spirit Lake Massacre and Captivity of Miss Abbie Gardner by Abbie Gardner-Sharp

(1903)  Story of Captain Jasper Parrish, Captive, Interpreter and United States Sub-Agent to the Six Nations Indians In Buffalo Historical Society Publications, v. 6

(1906) The Story of the Rice Boys, Captured by the Indians by Ebenezer Parkman

(1910) Eastern Kentucky Papers: The Founding of Harman's Station with an Account of the Indian Captivity of Mrs. Jennie Wiley by William E. Connelley

(1912) Captured by the Indians: Reminiscences of Pioneer Life in Minnesota by Wilhelmina B. Carrigan

(1912) In the Bosom of the Comanches: A Thrilling Tale of Savage Life, Massacre and Captivity Truthfully Told by a Surviving Captive: Texas Borderland Perils and Scenes Depicted: the Closing Days of the Trying Indian Struggles Upon the Frontiers of Texas by Theodore A. Babb

(1915) Indian Massacre and Captivity of Hall Girls by Charles M Scanlon 

(1925) Life of F. M. Buckelew, the Indian Captive, As Related by Himself by F. M. Buckelew

(1927) Girl Captives of the Cheyennes: A True Story of the Capture and Rescue of 4 Pioneer Girls, 1874 by Grace E. Meredith

 (1940) The Torture of Captives by the Indians of Eastern North America In Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, Vol. 82, No. 2, March 22, 1940 by Nathaniel Knowles

(1955) Comanche Bondage: Dr. John Charles Beales's Settlement of La Villa de Dolores on Las Moras Creek in southern Texas of the 1830's. With an Annotated Reprint of Sarah Ann Horn's Narrative of her Captivity Among the Comanches, Her Ransom by Traders in New Mexico, and Return via the Santa Fé Trail by Carl Coke Rister

(1965) Mrs. Huggins, the Minnesota Captive

(2002) A History of Jonathan Alder: His Captivity and Life with the Indians by Henry Clay Alder

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