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Primary Sources: Garland Library of North American Indian Captivity Narratives: 19th

19th Century Holdings

(180?) Narrative of the singular adventures and captivity of Thomas Barry among... by Thomas Barry

(1802?) The Connecticut, Rhode-Island, Massachusetts, New-Hampshire, & Vermont... by J. Weatherwise

(1813) Thee w post-captain; or, Thooden walls well manned, comprehending a view of... by John Davis

(1807) A narrative of the captivity of Joseph Bartlett among the French Joseph Bartlett

(1808) Struggle of Capt. Thomas Keith in America, Including the Manner in which He, His Wife and Child were Decoyed by the Indians; Their Temporary Captivity, and Happy Deliverance; Interspersed with Occasional Descriptions of the United States, Soil, Production, &c. by Thomas Keith

(1809) The other daughters of the Revolution : The narrative of K. White (1809)... K. White

(1807) A journal kept at Nootka Sound / by John R. Jewitt.

(1808 - 1811) A selection of narratives of outrages committed by the Indians in their...Archibald Loudon

(1809) Travels and Adventures in Canada and the Indian Territories Between the Years 1760 and 1776 by Alexander Henry

(1812) A Topographical Description of the State of Ohio, Indiana Tterritory, and Louisiana. Comprehending the Ohio and Mississippi Rrivers, and their Principal Tributary Streams by Jervis Cutler

(1812) The Travels of James Dolphin, with an Account of His being Taken by the Indian Savages, and Redeemed by a Spanish Lady in the City of Old Mexico By James Dolphin

(1813) Message from the President of the United States, Transmitting a Report of the Secretary of War, Relative to Murders Committed by the Indians in the State of Tennessee. Jan. 11, 1813.

(1813) U.S. Congress House: Committee Appointed to Enquire into the Spirit and Manner in Which the War Has Been Waged by the Enemy

(1814) A Journal: Containing an Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships, Sufferings, Battles, Defeat and Captivity of those Heroic Kentucky Volunteers and Regulars, Commanded by General Winchester...Also Two Narratives by Men...Taken Captive by the Indians by Elias Darnell

(1815) An Affecting Narrative of the Captivity and Sufferings of Mrs. Mary Smith, who with her Husband and Three Daughters were Taken Prisoners by the Indians

(1815) An Affecting Account of the Tragical Death of Major Swan and of the Captivity of Mrs. Swan and Infant Child, by the Savages by Eliza Swan

(1815) A narrative of the adventures and sufferings, of John R. Jewitt; only... by John R. Jewitt.

(1815) Narrative of Henry Bird, Who Was Carried Away by the Indians, After the Murder of his Whole Family by Henry Bird

(1816) A Narrative of the Life and Death of Lieut. Joseph Morgan Wilcox, who was Massacred by the Creek Indians on the Alabama River

(1817) A Narrative of the Captivity and Sufferings of James Van Horne: Who was Nine Months a Prisoner by the Indians on the Plains of Michigan by James Van Horne

(1818) The Indian Captive: Or a Narrative of the Captivity and Sufferings of Zadock Which is Prefixed an Account of the Burning of Royalton by Zadock Steele

(1818) Narrative of the Tragical Death of Mr. Darius Barber and His Seven Children, Who Were Inhumanly Butchered by the Indians in Camden County, Georgia, January 26, 1818: To Which is Added and Account of the Captivity and Sufferings of Mrs. Barber by Eunice Barber

(1820) Adventure with the Indians  Vol. 1, Iss. 6, pp. 353-358 (January 1820) Search within linked database.

(1821) A Collection of Some of the Most Interesting Narratives of Indian Warfare in the West: Containing an Account of the Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boone, One of the First Settlers of Kentucky, Comprehending the Most Important Occurrences Relative to its Early which is Added an Account of the Expeditions of Genl's Harmer [sic.], Scott, Wilkinson, St. Clair, & Wayne by Samuel L. Metcalfe

(1823) Manners and Customs of Several Indian Tribes Located West of the Mississippi by John D. Hunter

(1824) Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison by James E. Seaver

(1825) A Brief Narrative of the Captivity and Sufferings of Lt. Nathan'l Segar who was Taken Prisoner by the Indians and Carried to Canada During the Revolutionary War by Natahaniel Segar

(1824) Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania from the Year 1763 Until the Year 1783 Inclusive by Joseph Dodderidge

(1827) A Narrative of the Incidents Attending the Capture, Detention, and Ransom of Charles Johnston, of Botetourt County Virginia: who was made prisoner by the Indians, on the river Ohio, in the year 1790 : together with an interesting account of the fate of his companions, five in number, one of whom suffered at the stake: to which are added, sketches of Indian character and manners, with illustrative anecdotes by Charles Johnston

(1835) The Stolen Boy; or, Little Manuel's Adventures Among the Indians, and His Extraordinary Escape: A Story Founded on Facts by Barbara H. Hofland

(1830 A Narrative of the Captivity and Adventures of John Tanner, (U.S. interpreter at the Saut de Ste. Marie): During Thirty Years Residence Among the Indians in the Interior of North America by John Tanner

(1830) The Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie, of Kentucky: During an Expedition From St. Louis, Through the Vast Regions Between that Place and the Pacific Ocean and thence Back Tthrough the City of Mexico ... : Together with a Description of the Country, and the Various Nations Through Which they Passed by James O' Patte

(1830) Tales of the Northwest, or, Sketches of Indian Life and Character by William Joseph Snelling

(1832) Sketches of Western Adventure: Containing an Account of the Most Interesting Incidents Connected with the Settlement of the West, from 1755 to 1794 by John A McClung

(1833) Matilda: Or the Indian's Captive. A Canadian Tale Founded on Fact by James Russell

(1834) History of the War Between the United States and the Sac and Fox Nations of Indians by John A Wakefield

(1835) Indian Captivity by Oliver M. Spencer

(1836) Stories of the Revolution. With an Account of the Lost Child of the Delaware; Wheaton and the Panther, &c ... by Josiah Priest

(1839) Incidents of Border Life: Illustrative of the Times and Condition of the First Settlements in Parts of the Middle and Western States, Comprising Narratives of Strange and Thrilling Adventure--Accounts of Battles--Skirmishes and Personal Encounters with the Indians--Descriptions of their Manners, Customs, Modes of Warfare, Treatment of Prisoners, &c., &c.--Also, the History of Several Remarkable Captivities and Escapes; to which are Added Brief Historical Sketches of the War in the North-west, Embracing the Expeditions Under Gens. Harmar, St. Clair and Wayne by Joseph Pritts

(1841) The Fort Stanwix Captive, or New England Volunteer, Being the Extraordinary Life and Adventures of Isaac Hubbell Among the Indians of Canada and the West, in the War of the Revolution, and the Story of His Marriage with the Indian Princess, Now First Published from the Lips of the Hero Himself... by Josiah Priest

(1842) The Lost Sister of Wyoming: An Authentic Tale by John Todd

(1844) Narrative of the Massacre at Chicago, August 15, 1812, and of Some Preceding Events by Juliette A. Kinzie

(1845) A History of the Copper Mines and Newgate Prison, at Granby, Conn.: Also, of the Captivity of Daniel Hayes, of Granby, by the Indians, in 1707 by Noah A. Phelps

(1846) Sketches of Aboriginal Life by V. V. Vide

(1846) Three Years Among the Indians and Mexicans by Thomas James

(1850 - 1852)  Historical Traditions of Tennessee, the Captivity of Jane Brown and Her family. In: American Whig Review, v. 15, no. 87, p235-349. by M.A.H.

(1851) The American Indians: Their History, Condition and Prospects from Original Notes and Manuscripts...Together with an Appendix Containing Thrilling Narratives, Daring Exploits, Etc. by Henry R. Schoolcraft

(1852) The Dreadful Sufferings and Thrilling Adventures of an Overland Party of Immigrants to California, Their Terrible Conflicts with Savage Tribes of Indians!!! and Bands of Mexican Robbers!!! with Marriage, Funeral, and Other Interesting Ceremonies & Customs of Indian Life in Far West by George Adam

(1854) Narrative of the sufferings of Mrs. Jane Adeline Wilson, during her captivity among the Camanche Indians In The Hartford Courant. v. 19, no.3. February 11, 1854. by Jane A Wilson

(1856) Narrative of a Captivity Among the Mohawk Indians, and a Description of New Netherland in 1642-3 by Isaac Jogues & John Dawson Gilmary Shea

(1856) Gathered Sketches from the Early History of New Hampshire and Vermont: Containing Vivid and Interesting Account of a Great Variety of the Adventures of our Forefathers, and of Other Incidents of Olden Times Francis Chase, editor

(1856) Wau-bun: The "Early Day" in the North-west by Mrs. John H. Kinzie

(1857) Captivity of the Oatman Girls: Being an Interesting Narrative of Life Among the Apache and Mohave Indians; Containing an interesting account of the massacre of the Oatman family, by the Apache Indians, in 1851; the narrow escape of Lorenzo D. Oatman; the capture of Olive A. and Mary A. Oatman; the Death by Starvation of the Latter; the Five Years Suffering and Captivity of Olive A. Oatman; also, Her Singular Recapture in 1856; as Given by Lorenzo D. and Olive A. Oatman, the Only Surviving Members of the Family, to the Author by Royal Stratton

(1857) History of the Spirit Lake Massacre: 8th March, 1857 and of Miss Abigail Gardiner's Three Month's Captivity Among the Indians. According to Her Own Account, as Given to L. P. Lee. by Lorenzo Porter Lee

(1859) Three Years a Captive Among the Comanches: The Narrative of Nelson Lee, the Texan Ranger, Containing a Detailed Account of His Captivity Among the Indians, His Singular Escape Through the Instrumentality of his Watch, and Fully Illustrating Indian life as it is on the War Path and in the Camp by Nelson Lee

(1860) Indian Captive: A Narrative of the Adventures and Sufferings of Matthew Brayton, in His 34 Years of Captivity Among the Indians of North-Western America by Matthew Brayton

(1861) Massasoit's Daughter, or, The French Captives : A Romance of Aboriginal New-England by Augustine Joseph Hickey Duganne

(1863) Dakota War Whoop: Indian Massacres and War in Minnesota by Harriet E. Bishop

(1863) Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees: A Narrative of Indian Captivity by Sarah F. Wakefield

(1865) Old Rube, the Hunter: Or the Crow Captive, a Tale of the Great Plains by Hamilton Holmes

(1866) Gertrude Morgan: Or, Life and Adventures Among the Indians of the Far West by Gertrude Morgan

(1867) The Life and Adventures of William Filley, Who Was Stolen from His Home in Jackson, Mich., by the Indians, August 3d, 1837, and His Safe Return from Captivity , October 19, 1866 After and Absence of 29 Years by William Filley and James Z. Ballard

(1868) Mary Nealy In Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 36, No. 213 (Feb. 1868) by Elizabeth F. Ellet

(1869) General Sheridan's Squaw, Spy, and Mrs. Clara Blynn's Captivity Among the Wild Indians of the Prairies by Anonymous

(1869) Memoirs of odd adventures, strange deliverances, &c. in the captivity of... by John Gyles

(1870) Capture and Escape, of, Life Among the Sioux by Sarah L. Larimer (within linked book)

(1871) Narrative of My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians; with a Brief Account of General Sully's Indian Expedition in 1864, Bearing Upon Events Occuring in My Captivity by Franny W. Kelly

(1872) Wild Life in the Far West: Personal Adventures of a Border Mountain Man. Comprising Hunting and Trapping Adventures with Kit Carson and Others: Captivity and Life Among the Comanches. Services under Doniphan in the War with Mexico, and in the Mexican War Against the French; Desperate Combats with Apaches, Grizzly Bears, etc., etc. by James Hobbs

(1874) Seven and Nine Years Among the Camanches [sic] and Apaches: An Autobiography by Edwin Eastman

(1875) Miss Annie Coleson's Own Narrative of Her Captivity Among the Sioux Indians by A. Coleson

(1876) An account of the captivity of Hugh Gibson Among the Delaware Indians of the Big Beaver and the Muskingum, from the Latter Part of July 1756, to the Beginning of April, 1759. In Massachusetts Historical Society Collections, Vol. 6, 3rd Series, pp. 414-153

(1876) A Long Journey: The Story of Daniel Hayes by Charles Wells Hayes

(1876) Our Great Indian War: The Miraculous Lives of Mustang Bill (Mr. Wm. Rhodes Dekcer) and Miss Marion Fannin. The brave Indian Fighter Among the Hostile Sioux. The Custer Expedition and Massacre ...

(1877) Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road; or, The Black Rider of the Black Hills by Edward L. Wheeler

(1877) Seth Jones: Or, The Captives of the Frontier by Edward Sylvester Ellis

(1879) Ute War: A History of the White River Massacre and the Privations and Hardships of the Captive White Women Among the Hostiles on Grand River by Thomas F. Dawson & F. J. V. Skiff

(1884) Four Years in the Rockies: Or the Adventures of Isaac P. Rose, of Shenango Township, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, Giving His Experience as a Hunter and Trapper in the Remote Region… by James B. Marsh

(1885) Two Months in the Camp of Big Bear: The Life and Adventures of Theresa Gowanlock and Theresa Delaney by Theresa Gowanlock

(1886) Cynthia Ann Parker, the Story of Her Capture at the Massacre of the Inmates of Parker's Fort: Of Her Quarter of a Century Spent Among the Comanches As the Wife of the War Chief Peta Nocona: and of Her Recapture at the Battle of Pease River by Captain L. S. Ross of the Texian Rangers by James T. DeShields

(1890) Biography of Frances Slocum, the Lost Sister of Wyoming by John Franklin Meginness

(1890) Ten Years of Upper Canada in Peace and War, 1805 - 1815: Being the Ridout Letters with Annotations by Matilda Edgar. Also an Appendex of the Narrative of the Captivity Among the Shawnese Indians in 1788 of Thos. Ridout, Afterwards Surveyor-General of Upper Canada; and a Vocabulary Comp. by Him, of the Shawanese Language. by Matilda R. Edgar

(1894)  Captivity Among the Sioux, August 18 to September 26, 1862 In Minnesota Historical Society Collections, Vol. 9, 395-426 by Mrs. N. D. White

(1894) Mrs. J. E. De Camp Sweet's Narrative of Her Captivity in the Sioux Outbreak of 1862 | The Story of Nancy McClure: Captivity Among the Sioux | The Story of Mary Schwandt: Her Captivity During the Sioux "Outbreak" -- 1862 In Minnesota Historical Society Collections, Vol. 6 Mrs. De Camp Sweet (p. 354) Ms. McClure (p. 439) Ms. Schwandt (p. 461) by J.E. De Camp Sweet, Nancy McClure, and Mary Schwandt

(1894) True Story of the Lost Shackle: Or Seven Years with the Indians by Owen P. Dabney

(1896) Journal of Captain William Pote, Jr., During His Captivity in the French and Indian War from May 1745 to August 1747 by William Pote

(1897) Captivity Among the Oneidas in 1690-91 of Father Pierre Milet of the Society of Jesus by Pierre Milet, John Gilmary Shea, and Emma Augusta Burbank Ayer

(1899) Andele, or the Mexican-Kiowa Captive: A Story of Real Life Among the Indians by John J. Methvin

(1900)  Narrative of the Capture of Abel Janney by the Indians in 1782 from His Diary In Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly, Vol 8, 465-473 by Abel Janney

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