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Primary Sources: Garland Library of North American Indian Captivity Narratives: 18th

18th century

(1706) Good fetch'd out of evil, in three short essays. : I. A pastoral letter, of... by Cotton Mather

(1707) A memorial of the present deplorable state of New-England with the... by Cotton Mather

(1748) A narrative of the captivity of Nehemiah How, who was taken by the Indians... by Nehemiah How

(1748) The redeemed captive. Being a narrative of the taking and carrying into... by John Norton

(1754) The history of the life and adventures of Mr. Anderson Containing his... by Edward Kimber

(1755- 1793) The Boston gazette, or, Country journal.

(1756) A narrative of the sufferings and surprizing deliverances of William and... by William Fleming

(1757) French and Indian cruelty; exemplified in the life and various vicissitudes... by Peter Williamson

(1758) A faithful narrative, of the many dangers and sufferings, as well as... by Robert Eastburn

(1758) Gallic perfidy: a poem by John Maylem

(1758) The redeemed captive returning to Zion: or, A faithful history of... by John Williams

(1759) Die Erzehlungen von Maria Le Roy und Barbara Leininger, welche vierthalb...

(1760) God's mercy surmounting man's cruelty exemplified in the captivity and... by Elizabeth Hanson

(1760) A journal of the captivity of Jean Lowry and her children, giving an... by Jean Lowry

(1760) A narrative of the uncommon sufferings, and surprizing deliverance of... by Briton Hammon

(1760) A plain narrative of the uncommon sufferings, and remarkable deliverance of... by Thomas Brown

(1764) The history of the life and sufferings of Henry Grace, of Basingstoke in... by Henry Grace

(1767) A brief narration of the captivity of Isaac Hollister, who was taken by the... by Isaac Hollister

(1774) A narrative of an extraordinary escape out of the hands of the Indians, in... by Gamaliel Smethurst

(1778) A pocket of prose and verse being a selection from the literary products of... by Alexander Kellet

(1779) A narrative of the capture and treatment of John Dodge, by the English at... by John Dodge

(~1780) A narrative of the capture of certain Americans, at Westmorland, by... by Moses Van Campen

(178?) A very remarkable narrative of Luke Swetland, who was taken captive four... by Luke Swetland

(1783) Narratives of a late expedition against the Indians;  with an account of... by Hugh Henry Brackenridge

(1784) The discovery, settlement and present state of Kentucke: and an essay... by John Filson

(1784) A narrative of the captivity and sufferings of Benjamin Gilbert and his... by William Walton

(1784) Mis Mac Rea roman historique, par M. Hilliard-d'Auberteuil. by Michel-René Hilliard d'Auberteuil

(1785) A narrative of the Lord's wonderful dealings with John Marrant, a black ...... by John Marrant

(1786) The adventures of Colonel Daniel Boon, one of the first settlers at... by Daniel Boon

(1786) Narrative of Mrs. Scott and Capt. Stewart's captivity by Anonymous

(1786)  A surprising account of the captivity and escape of Philip M'Donald & Alex.... by Philip M'Donald

(1787) The Returned captive. A poem. Founded on a late fact. : [Six lines of verse]

(1788) An essay on the life of the Honorable Major-General Israel Putnam:... by David Humphreys

(1788) Travels to the westward, or unknown parts of America. Being a tour of... by Alonso Decalves

(1792) A genuine and correct account of the captivity, sufferings & deliverance of... by Jemima Howe

(1793) The remarkable adventures of Jackson Johonnet, of Massachusetts. Who served... by Jackson Johonnet

(1793) Affecting history of the dreadful distresses of Frederic Manheim's family....

(1794) The journal of William Scudder, an officer in the late New-York line, William Scudder

(1794) A very surprising narrative, of a young woman, discovered in a rocky-cave,... by Abraham Panther

(1795) The Indian captivity of Mary Kinnan, 1791-1794; a long forgotten frontier...Compiled by McKinnie L. Phelps. Edited and with an introduction by Jack D. Filipiak

(1796) A narrative of the sufferings of James Derkinderen, who was taken prisoner... by James Derkinderen

(1796) A journal of the adventures of Matthew Bunn, a native of Brookfield,... by Matthew Bunn

(1796) A narrative of the captivity of Mrs. Johnson containing an account of Susannah Willard Johnson

(1797) The history of Maria Kittle by Ann Eiza Bleecker

(1797) A short sketch, of the life of Mr. Lent Munson. [Two lines of quotation] by Alexander Viets Griswold

(1798) A narrative of the captivity and sufferings of Mr. Ebenezer Fletcher, of... by Ebenezer Fletcher

(1799) An account of the remarkable occurrences in the life and travels of Col.... by James Smith

(1800) Memoirs of Charles Dennis Rusoe D'Eres, a native of Canada; who was with... by Charles Dennis Rusoe d'Eres


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