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European Union Studies: Research Guide: Documents and
official publications

Research EU topics using scholarly publications, primary sources, news media and official documents and publications.

Databases and Bibliographic Tools

Alphabetical Subject Index from the Commission,

ECLAS, the European Commission Library Catalogue. Available in French and English. Includes the complete database of 350,000+ records and links to many documents online. (From the European Commission Library's site.)

Primary Sources and selected topics


Coordination of Space Activities

Eur-Lex Documents of Public Interest

European Council Summits 1985-2006

The European Commission: Official Documents

Mine Actions

History of Europe as a Supranational Region Lists and links to every key historical document in European integration beginning with the 1957 Treaty of Rome. Compiled by the European Studies Bibliographer at Brigham Young University.

Legislative Information

Newsroom of the European Union

General Report on the Activities of the European Communities (2005-present)

Legal Databases on the Europa Server

  • Eur-Lex (European Union Law)  Initially, EUR-Lex provides free public access to issues of the Official Journal of the European Communities (both L and C series) published in the last twenty days, the Treaties, consolidated versions of existing legislation and recent judgments by the Court of Justice.

PreLex the database for monitoring the decision making process between EU institutions.

COM Documents published in the OJ C from the Parliament Web Server

Competition Policy (former DG IV): Antitrust, Liberalisation, Mergers, State Aid, and International

European Environmental Law Homepage

European Parliament Legislative Observatory

Harmonised Standards


Legal Research Guide: Cornell Law School's Guide to EU and Law

EU Serial Publications (selected)

Annual Report on competition policy - 1971- present

Common Agricultural Policy, Current Review

Competition Policy Newsletter

Environment for Europeans  (formerly Enlargement Newsletter, DG for Environment and Enlargement)

European Economy Includes EU Economic Review and the Annual Economic Report

EP News

EU Annual Report on Human Rights

Eurobarometer public opinion surveys

European Dialogue DGX Magazine for Central Europe and the Baltic States.

Eurofocus, DG X (Information aimed at a general readership, in the form of short texts, ready for publication.)

Europinion Continuous Tracking Survey (CTS)

Natura 2000, DG for Environment  (1996-2004)

Report on US Barriers to Trade and Investment 2007 (Note: Historical Information has been removed from the Europa Server)

Research and Technological Development Activities of the European Union Annual Reports

Sixth Periodic Rpt on the social and economic situation and development of the regions of the EU  (1999)

European Union Documents


IV. Locating major EU document series at Cornell and online


EUR-Lex: Accessto European Law. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. Coverage varies. Contains: Official Journal, Summaries of EU Law, ABC of EU Law, Legislative Drafting, and Statistics on EU Law, and a search feature for national legislation related to EU law.  See About EUR-Lex for a detailed explanation and outline of the extensive materials available here.
Official Journal of the European Communities. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1973- .
(Olin HF 3494 .J8611 + ; 1998- available on Microfiche 1882)
The authoritative source of EU law.

V. EU statistics and data


Eurostat Publications and Databases. Luxembourg: Statistical Office of the European Communities, 1998/99- .
(Olin Ref Z 7554 .E85 S738)


Brief sales catalog describing major monographs, collections, CD-ROMs and computer ouput products published by Eurostat. Preceded by Eurostat Catalogue: Publications and Electronic Services. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications, 1988, 1991-1997 (Olin Ref HA 1107.5 .S79 C3).
EUROSTAT Electronic Library. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2001-
The Eurostat web site includes more than 1,400 Eurostat publications in PDF format featuring the latest indicators, news releases, nomenclatures and other publications.
Eurostat Yearbook: The Statitical Guide for Europe. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1995- .
(Olin Ref HA 1107 .E915+; latest volume in Reference)
Comparable statistics for EU countries and candidate countries plus some data for Canada, Japan, and the U.S.
Regions: Statistical Yearbook [year]. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1986- .
(Olin HA 1107.5 .R33+; CD-ROM, 1999- ; latest ed. in Reference)


Comparable data on wide range of themes across the EU and candidate countries.


 VI. Researching EU topics


Archive of European Integration

ECLAS: The European Commission's Library Catalog. [Brussels?] : European Commission, [1998- .
(Library Home Page)

ECLAS is the European Commission's union catalog containing the holdings of Reseaubib, a network of about 25 specialized libraries and documentation centers including the Central Library of the European Commission.

Europa: the European Union On-Line. [Brussels]: European Commission.

eurunion. [Washington DC] 

European Access. Cambridge: Chadwyck-Healey, 1989- 2002.
(Olin HC 241 .A1 E89+)


Each issue contains a topical bibliographic essay, chronology of events, commentary on events and policies. The "recent references" section notes signficant EU documents and publications and other publications about EU topics (books, IGO publications, periodicals, and highlights from newspaper articles).


Guide to the Archives of Member States' Foreign Ministries and European Union Institutions. 3rd. rev. and enl. ed. Luxembourg: Office of Official Publications of the European Communities, 2005.


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