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ENGL 2890: Writing Back to the Media (Spring 2017): FINDING

Research for Kelly King-O'Brien's writing class. Click on the BLUE TABS below to access each section of this guide.

Finding Articles

Use these online databases to find articles in journals and online books. Use the Cornell Library Catalog to look up books and the journal titles (not article titles) you find by searching these databases. Our Catalog lists both the print and electronic versions of journals (when available).

These databases are for searching broadly across disciplines and source types:

Academic Search Premier. EBSCO.
A general periodical database that provides citations and abstracts for articles from over 4,100 journals and includes full text from over 3,170 journals. You can limit your search to peer-reviewed articles (scholarly articles).

ProQuest Research Library.
Searches thousands of general interest magazines and scholarly journals covering a wide variety of subjects and academic disciplines. It also includes citations and abstracts to selected newspapers, television and radio programs. We subscribe to most of the periodicals indexed. Many articles are available full-text from the article citation page. You can limit your search to peer-reviewed articles (scholarly articles).

Articles, Ebooks... [aka Summon].
A new way to find online articles and online books. This powerful search engine works across many databases and pulls together a wide variety of resources. Refine your search using the categories on the left of the results page.

Literary and History Databases:

MLA Bibliography
The largest and most comprehensive database covering scholarship in the modern languages, linguistics, literature, folklore, and drama, including film, opera, radio, television and theater. Literary criticism and literary theory are covered extensively along with some film criticism.

America History and Life
Searchable database of articles in journals, articles in books, and whole books on topics in the history of the U.S.

These databases search scholarly sources across disciplines:

Google Scholar.
A searchable database of scholarly literature across all disciplines--articles, books, and papers--with links to the full text in many cases.

A large collection of searchable and browseable full-text scholarly journals. Covers from the beginning of the journal (earliest is 1665) up to within two to five years of the present [the "moving wall"]. List of journals included and years covered.

Distinguishing between Reviews and Criticism

The simplest criterion for distinguishing book and film reviews from criticism is the time of publication of the review or critical article compared to the original publication date of the book or the release date of the film.

Book reviews are generally written around the time the book was originally published; literary criticism appears in later years. For example, reviews of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby that appeared in 1925 or 1926 (right after the novel was published) are book reviews, while literary criticism about the novel continues to be written today. The same general distinction applies to film reviews and film criticism.

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