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Sociology 3380: Urban Inequality: Selected Subject Encyclopedias

Library Research Guide

reference encyclopedia locations

Encyclopedias are 'reference' books. Many of them are located near our service desks so staff can assist you in beginning your research. Reference books do not 'circulate,' i.e. they cannot be checked out of the library. Scanners are available for copying and e-mailing the text of print encyclopedias.

The Olin reference collection is located in the middle of the main floor, surrounding the Reference Desk area.

topic search tip

To find articles or chapters on your topic, look for a subject index at the end of the last volume of the encyclopedia. If there are no entries on your city, look up concepts such as inequality or suburbanization. The index will list the volume numbers and/or page(s) where information on your topic is located.

Selected Subject Encyclopedias

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