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Engineering Resources: Entrepreneurship Info

Guide to library resources for the Cornell NYC Tech Campus.

Idea Generation Tools – Scientific search engine.  Find topics based on keyword searches.  Scirus indexes selected scholarly journals, government sites, educational sites (.edu) and much more.

Business journals and newspapers for trend-spotting and articles about new products/services. Selected journals include: Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Industry and Innovation, Business Week, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, MIT Technology Review, and Stanford Social Innovation Review.  (Check to see if the library has an electronic copy of a journal/newspaper.)

Patents.  Reviewing recent patents can be a goldmine of ideas.  The Engineering Library has excellent suggestions for patent research.

Lists of companies ranked by various criteria.  Many publications such as Forbes, Inc. and Fast Company track fastest-growing and “top” companies in different locations or industries.  Search library article databases such as Business Source Complete, ProQuest Direct and Factiva to find coverage of how other firms have made their mark.

Use Google Trends tool to see what is being searched for right now and what has been popular.  Try searching "ipod" or "startups".

Market Research Resources

Use the following resources to find market share, identify competitors, and much more.

Private Company Financial Data

If the company is private, little or no specific financial information beyond sales figures may be available about the company. Try to find articles via Factiva or LexisNexis. Both contain thousands of full-text newspapers and business periodicals; you may be able to locate articles which quote company officials discussing the firm's finances.

Also, consider using ratio books.  They will allow you to create your financials using industry averages.  Several Cornell libraries have the print copies of these recommended books:  

Industry Information

Find industry trends, concerns, and major players via industry and association resources. See our website for additional industry information sources.

Industry News

Keep track of what is being written about your indusry, competitors, trends and opportunities. Media coverage can be a great source of most recent information for even the smallest or niche industries.

Public Company Financial Data

Public companies are required to file detailed reports of financial activity. In the US, these filings are available directly from the SEC (the Securities and Exchange Commission), or via the selected databases listed below.