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Hit the Ground Running! RDA Training for Music Catalogers: Bibliographic & Authority Modules (Music)

A guide to the RDA Preconference at the Music Library Association 2013 meeting.

Kathy Glennan

RDA and Music Basics: Sound Recordings (ALCTS webinar, October 2011)

RDA and Music Basics: Scores (ALCTS webinar, October 2011)

These provide an excellent introduction to RDA music cataloging. However, some information is out of date.


RDA and Sound Recordings: A Cataloging Workshop (ATMLA workshop, October 2012)

Materials include PowerPoint slides, handouts, exercises, and sample records.

Nancy Lorimer

This is an excellent overview of RDA music cataloging, from April 2012.

It includes several examples of scores and sound recordings cataloged in RDA.

However, please note that this presentation dates from before MARC bibliographic 264, 344, and 347 came into mainstream use.