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Hit the Ground Running! RDA Training for Music Catalogers: Getting Started

A guide to the RDA Preconference at the Music Library Association 2013 meeting.

Preparing for the Preconference

January 31, 2013

All attendees are expected to prepare for the preconference by reviewing the materials included in this Library Guide.

Please begin with FRBR Background , and proceed to Bibliographic & Authority Modules (General) and Bibliographic & Authority Modules (Music). Please also review the Sample Bibliographic & Authority Records.

Don't be intimidated; some of these are rather brief! But do get started sooner rather than later.

Please complete the HOMEWORK questions (15 total) by February 20.

As of February 21, the answers to the homework questions are posted in a separate tab.

Please complete the homework questions before checking the answers.

Significant class time will be devoted to hands-on cataloging using RDA.

Attendees are encouraged to practice some RDA cataloging ahead of time and bring items for in-class use.


Practicing in Advance

February 12, 2013

Please create RDA bibliographic records for an audio recording and a score.

Use any recording or score in hand, or use the following resources:

Ken Kreuzer CD

Old English Country Dances score

Please use the spreadsheets below, created by Kevin Kishimotofor practice cataloging, before and during class.

Download the file by clicking the link. Create multiple copies locally.

RDA Music-Related Revisions

February 19, 2013

The text of these recent revisions has been approved, but will not appear in the Toolkit until July 2013, so until then, please follow RDA as it is currently written. 

RDA Music-Related Revisions

MLA RDA Best Practices

February 15, 2013

MLA's RDA Music Implementation Task Force, chaired by Casey Mullin, has created a DRAFT document,

Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA and MARC 21.

The Task Force is actively working on revising the document, but for now, please refer to the draft, which provides very helpful guidance.