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MathSciNet: Citation Searching


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Citation searching allows you to search on authors and find where else s/he is cited.  This is important for two reasons:

1.  You find cross-linking between authors and thus discover more material within the topics you are researching.

2.  You can discover who has cited your papers.

Citation searching in MathSciNet

Author citation searching:

  • Type in an author in the search box under the Author Tab.  To broaden your search, remember to use the wildcard (asterisk *)
  • Verify which author you were looking for and click on them.
  • The results give you what items other authors have cited with the most cited publication at the top.  Again, these are only citations that are available within MathSciNet.  From here, you can also click on the author profile (upper right corner) to discover more citations and author information.

Subject classification searching:

  • Use this link to find a classification number.
  • Under Search by Subject tab, type in the classification number to find the most cited articles under this subject.

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