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Claiming your own Author ID


  • Sign up for an ORCID Identifier:  The Open Researcher Community ID is an increasingly recognized persistent digital identifier.  The unique number assigned to you will allow publishers and aggregators of scholarly literature to distinguish you from researchers with similar names.  This is a powerful tool in author disambiguation and it takes just a few minutes to sign up. Go to and follow the instructions to register for your ORCID identifier and grant Cornell access to the number as a "Trusted Party." Have questions?  Contact
  • Google Scholar: track your own citations in this popular search engine.

MR Author ID

What does MR Author number mean:

MR numbers (or Mathematical Review number) identify items and authors in the database.  Each unique author is assigned an MR number to keep track of all that author's publications.  This is also called authority control.  Oftentimes, authors names are similar to other authors, or one author may be published under a few different names, such as a full name, name with initials or former name.  MR number links all the differentiations for each author so you can find as many publications by that one author as possible.

What if I notice one of my own publications not linked to my unique MR number?

MSN realizes their author ID system is sophisticated but not perfect.  If you find discrepancies, contact them here.

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