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MathSciNet: Searching topics and known items

General and known item searching


  • Use the publications tab (default) to search if you have a known item, such as an article title with author.
  • Use "anywhere" to search key words.  Boolean searches can be used.
  • Authors are searched last name, then first name (i.e. Smith, Richard). 
  • Wild Card is asterisk (*)  This allows you to find material when you are unsure of a spelling.  For example, Smith, R* will find articles by Richard Smith, Robert Smith, etc.  It is also recommended to search on the first name initial only due to author's names being displayed differently in citaitons.

Need more help? See the MathSciNet tutorials.

Find items in your subject area(s) by using these MSC (Math Subject Classification) numbers. 

Getting the Item at Cornell

You may see this in MathSciNet references.  This link resolver can directly connect you to the article.

When GetIt Cornell doesn't find the item, try searching the Classic Catalog.  Searching the journal first and then finding the volume and issue the article is in works best.  Questions?  Ask us!

Subject Guide

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