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Health Information on the Internet: A Resource Guide: Food and Diet

An annotated list of reliable and trustworthy health information websites.

Dietary Supplements and Safety

Dietary Supplements Database

This database of ingredients found in brand name dietary supplements allows you to compare different brands.  It includes manufacturer claims, manufacturer information and links to reliable information about each ingredient.  This is a website of the National Library of Medicine.


Dietary Supplement Alerts and Safety Information

This website provides alerts and safety information on dietary supplements.  This is part of the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) website.

Dieting tools

USDA SuperTracker

This recently launched interactive website from the US Department of Agriculture helps you manage your diet plan.  By creating your own free account, you can keep track of your food intake and physical activity, set goals, and track progress.


Portion Size Plate

This site gives you handy visuals of portion size, which can help in portion control as you plan your meal.

Nutrition Data

USDA Nutrient Database

This is the US Department of Agriculture’s database for detailed nutrient information about many food products from fruits and vegetables, to various types of cheese and other dairy products and many others.

Nutrition Data

A helpful website for nutrition information and diet management.  It includes a BMI calculator, a recipe analyzer, a tool for searching for food high and low in specific nutrients, as well as many other articles, blogs and tools related to nutrition.

Another new site that is currently building its searchable database of nutrition and calorie information from chain restaurants across the country. Tell it what you ate at your favorite local chain, and it will give you a nutrition label for that meal.

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