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Turkish and Ottoman Studies Research Guide: Databases

A research and discovery guide to print and digital resources in Turkish & Ottoman studies from all time periods in original native and western languages.

Periodical Collections

Digitized Turkish Periodicals - Ankara Üniversitesi Gazeteler Veritabanı 1.  Akşam (1929-1964) 2.  Cumhuriyet  (1929-1950) 3.  Gaye-i Milliye (1921) 4.  Hakimiyet-i Milliye (1916-1928) 5.  İkdam Gazetesi  (1889-1915) 6.  Peyam Gazetesi (1913-1914) 7.  Servet Gazetesi (1890-1904) 8.  Servet-i Fünun (1889-1928)  9.  Takvim-i Vekayi (1841-1919) 10.  Tanin Gazetesi (1908-1912) 11.  Tarik Gazetesi (1886-1892) 12.  Tercüman-ı Hakikat (1879-1922) 13.  Ulus Gazetesi (1935-1937) 14.  Vatan Gazetesi (1941) 15.  Yeni İstanbul (1949-1950) 16.  Yeni Sabah (1939-1950) 17.  Zafer (1949-1950) 18.  Zaman (1934-1935)

Hakkı Tarık Us Collection - digital archive of Ottoman periodicals.

HISTORY OF SERIAL NOVELS IN TURKISH LITERATURE (1831-1928) to examine at least 150 newspaper and magazines that were published in Arabic based alphabet in the period 1831-1928, in order to find out and record the serial novels published in these periodicals.

Arabic Newspapers of Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine  A digitization project from the National Library of Israel which has digitized 27 newspapers from 1908-1948. Project URL:

Osmanlıca Makaleler Veri Tabanı * Article Database in Ottoman Language / Center for Islamic Studies (İSAM), Istanbul.  A database of articles on Turkish history, literature, culture, and art, which includes the bibliographical identification of 52,500 articles and actual digital copies (in pdf).

Top Databases for Turkish and Ottoman Studies

Top Journals


Database Tips

Databases identify and locate articles published in magazines, journals and newspapers. Many databases also index essays, book chapters and monographs.

Tip 1: Some of the databases provide full-text coverage of journals.

Tip 2: If the database does not provide the full-text of the article, use Get it! Cornell or search the library catalog for the journal title (or book title). This will provide you with Cornell's holdings of the journal (in both print and electronic form).

Tip 3: For more precise searching, it is best to search the databases individually (rather than using Articles search).

Databases in Turkish