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Ezra's Research Diary: Tried and True Strategies for Effective Undergraduate Research: Read Like a Pro

This library guide is designed to help students understand the overall process of undergraduate research at Cornell.

Ready Resources

The Cornell Learning Strategies Center has some great tips on:

(Keep in mind that these strategies will serve you well throughout your undergraduate (and graduate) studies.)

KWL Method

The KWL Method can be used to help you integrate what you already know about a topic with what you have just learned, in order to synthesize new knowledge. 

  1. First, record what you already Know about your topic.
  2. Then, identify what you Want to know about your topic.
  3. Finally, list what new information you have Learned.

(If you have the time for reflection, ask yourself How you learned. You may find this metacognition useful when, in future projects, you can use your understanding of how you learn to study more efficiently and effectively.)

Read like a pro!

Next to writing your report, reading will be the most time-consuming part of your research. Remember, learning to be an efficient, analytical reader takes time and practice.

Here are some of the things that you might extract and take note of while reading:

Arguments Political Points of View
Events Techniques
Motives    Standpoint
Concepts Evidence
Persepective (Literary) Styles
Conclusions Hypotheses
Definitions    Interpretations
Problems Theory
Ethics Justification
Questions Ways of thinking/Paradigms

Today's Information "Consumer"

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