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Ezra's Research Diary: Tried and True Strategies for Effective Undergraduate Research: Develop a Search Strategy

This library guide is designed to help students understand the overall process of undergraduate research at Cornell.

Developing a Search Strategy

Now that you have a firm understanding of the assignment, a solid preliminary research question, and a timeline of goals, you should start searching for materials. But with so much information, where do you start?? 

Don't panic. Instead, try to divide your search strategy into steps so that you can take a tiered approach to sifting through the wealth of information available.

Hover over the tab above called, "Develop a Search Strategy," and check out the 3 steps:

  1. Develop a "snapshot" or general overview of the topic (you already did a little of this when you were developing your question)
  2. Identify a few relevant databases, journals, e-book collections, and search engines
  3. Begin searching for specific resources 

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