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Ezra's Research Diary: Tried and True Strategies for Effective Undergraduate Research: Getting Started

This library guide is designed to help students understand the overall process of undergraduate research at Cornell.

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A few words about research...

Did you know that in a recent study of how college students use information in the digital age, 84% of surveyed students responded that getting started is one of the most difficult steps in the research process (Head & Eisenberg, 2010, p. 3)?

If you are among the 84%, don't be worried. Even experienced researchers struggle with this part. To overcome the inertia you feel at the beginning of your project, it helps to keep a few things in mind:


  • Research takes longer than you'd think! It is therefore important to start early and manage your time wisely.
  • At this stage of your academic career, don't worry about becoming the world's leading expert in your subject. Your primary concerns are (a) creating a piece of work that is of a high level of scholarship and (b) practicing and refining your own research process.
You might be wondering, what does a high level of scholarship look like? Here are a few key qualities that your research should demonstrate:
  • Authenticity
  • Originality
  • Newness in style, character, substance, and form
  • Balance
  • Freedom from imitation
  • Produced through your own faculties of thought


With these points in mind, it's time to get started!



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