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Life Before Us: Study Guide: Related Information

Related Information

·          France opens first museum dedicated to the history of immigration –

·          Expatriates in France,

·          (French) Population of French communes with more than 2,000 inhabitantsHow does France count its Muslim population?, Le Figaro, April 2011

·          Être né en France d'un parent immigré, Insee Première, n°1287, mars 2010, Catherine Borrel et Bertrand Lhommeau, Insee

·          Cultutal Conflicts: North African Immigrants in France / Affan Seljuq.  International Journal of Peace Studies(July 1997. Volume 2, Number 2)

·          The Rise of North Africans in French Politics / by Arezki Daoud (May 8, 2012. The North Africa Journal)

·          Islam in France: The French Have Themselves to Blame / by Rachid Tlemçani (Middle East Quarterly, March 1997, pp. 31-38)

·          National Identity: Who is really French? Video by France 24 (ca. 16 mins.)

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