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Ebooks at Cornell: eReaders

What is an eReader

An eReader is a portable electronic device that allows you to read ebooks. "There are two basic class of ebook readers: black-and-white e-ink models that offer much longer battery life and a more "paperlike" reading experience (priced at $79 to $149) and color LCD models that are actually miniature tablets with apps, video, music, games, and more (priced at $199 to $249). And that doesn't include more expensive tablets (Android and Apple iPad models) that can also double as reading devices." -- CNET, August 29, 2012

Read CNET's review of the Best e-book readers

Wikipedia offers a very comprehensive table comparing eReaders: Comparison of eBook readers

If you decide to buy a tablet: CNET's review of best tablets

See also information on ebook readers and ebook software in this report:
TechWatch Preview: Preparing for Effective Adoption and Use of eBooks in Education. [public comment version released 27 September 2012]

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