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Contract Administration: Building a Strategy

Research Strategy

Formulating a research strategy is a crucial component of internal and external union campaign organizing. This guide will assist you in breaking down the research goals into smaller, focused tasks, and guide you to the appropriate tools and resources for each step.

1. Know the Workers

Who are your members? Who is your target audience? What are your vulnerabilities? What tactics/strategies have organizers successfully used in the past? What cutting-edge tactics are currently being discussed in the labor movement?

2. Know Your Rights

What activities were previously allowed by a CBA? What do other CBAs look like? What activities are protected under law? Will pending state legislation affect your efforts?

3. Know the Employer

What does the company/organizational profile tell you? What does the industry look like? Who are the key figures in the organization? Are there any current or past legal or safety violations relevant to your fight? 

Case Studies

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