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ILRIC 2310: Globalization and Sociology of Work (Fall 2015): Research Process

Research is a Process

Expanding Your Pool of Resources

Academic research is a process that takes time.  Like a miner digging for precious metals, you may have to shift a lot of dirt and rock before you find the materials that make your efforts worthwhile.  Expect false starts and mis-strikes along the way, and know that this is simply part of the process.  Your efforts will be made easier if you follow some "mining" tips, however:

1) Survey the area

2) Do some exploratory digging

3) Follow the promising veins until you hit paydirt:

      a) Work from bibliography to bibliography 

      b) Use Article Databases that allow you to search the Tables of Contents of academic journals.    Use subject headings whenever possible.

      c) Be flexible! Good research should refine and alter your thinking, allowing you to develop better ideas and better language to express it. 

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