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GOVT 3413/SOC 3410 Modern European Society and Politics: Tools
and Tips

Guide to research resources for contemporary European politics and society.

Pulbic Opinion polls

Opinion polling for the French presidential election 2012 (Wikipedia; retrieved Feb. 26, 2012)  Lists polls, and links to information sources.

At your own risk:

Blog entry: "Resolved:  French Departements, INSEE, ISO and NUTS-3 codes"


Translating headings and text

Use easy translation tools such as Google Translate freely, then check with a standard dictionary. Explore dictionary apps, use the Oxford Language Dictionaries online.  Print dictionaries can be found in the Olin Library Reference collection, with many older editions in the Olin stacks, available for circulation.

Two to try: 


Online dictionary/thesaurus )

not everything is on the Internet

Digital toolbox /boite a utils numeriques

"On this page you'll find a selection of software for retrieval, organization, and information sharing in the humanities.  These tools are sorted into categories and have been chosen for their ease ease of use and free availability.  The selection is oriented to online applications that don't require installation and that will function on any computer with an internet connection."

Catégories:, the web portal for Swiss historians, maintains this useful selection of links to digital tools. Each link leads to the original English text.  The annotated lists are available in French, German and Italian.

Research-quality web searching