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Linguistics and Language: A Research Guide: Catalogs and

This is an extensive, annotated list of the print and online resources available for research in linguistics. Click on the TABS to access each Section in this guide.

Catalogs and Bibliographies

Cornell Library's Catalog
A searchable online catalog of everything owned or subscribed to by the Cornell University Library. Updated daily.
OCLC WorldCat
WorldCat consists of over 35 million records that cite material owned by libraries around the world. Books, magazines, recordings - virtually any type of material cataloged by OCLC member libraries is included. WorldCat is updated daily.
Oxford Bibliographies Online: Linguistics
Curated, annotated subject lists of major monographs, journals, and other resources on various topics within the field of linguistics.
Dictionary Catalog of the Library of the Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC. 4 vols. Boston: GK Hall, 1974.
(Uris Stacks Z 7005 .C39 ++)
A printed catalog of the photographed cards from the library of the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, DC. These catalogs provide access to the monographic holdings of a major linguistics library but do not include listings for the periodicals held by that library.
Linguistic Data Consortium Catalog
The LDC's Catalog records contain descriptions, access information, and pricing for hundreds of corpora of language data. As of 2012, Cornell is a member of the Linguistics Data Consortium for the years of 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2002 onward. Click the Text Analysis tab of this guide for more information.

Call Number Ranges for Linguistics

For the person who likes to browse the stacks, knowing the area classification for his/her subject matter is a must. Listed here are some of the call numbers for modern languages and linguistics:

The call number for linguistics is P
Call numbers for individual languages Language Literature
English PE PR (British), PS (American)
German PF PT
French PC 2001-3761 PQ 1-3999
Spanish PC 4001-4977 PQ 6001-8921
Portuguese PC 5001-5498 PQ 9001-9990
Italian PC 1001-1977 PQ 4001-5991
Russian PG 2001-2850 PG 2900-3698


Note: In Olin Library the oversized books (indicated by the + or the ++ in their call numbers) are shelved separately from books of average size with no plus sign.

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