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Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (FGSS): A Research Guide: Catalogs
& Bibliographies

A guide to discovering the extensive FGSS resources available in the Cornell University Library and beyond. Click on the TABS to access each section in this guide.

Catalogs and Bibliographies

August, Eugene R. The New Men's Studies: A Selected and Annotated Interdisciplinary Bibliography. 2nd ed. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1994.
(URIS A.D. White Z7164.M49 A92 1994)
More than a thousand entries that cover such subjects as men's awareness, health, and rights; heterosexuality; homosexuality; minority males; patriarchy; fathers; socialization of males; sports; the arts; humor; war and peace; and victims and victimizers. An extensive list of books from the controversial mythopoetic wing of men's studies covers such works as Robert Bly's Iron John. Each entry is fully annotated and describes the book's content and (where appropriate) its political stance.


Core Lists in Women's Studies. Ed. Megan Adams and Bernice Redfern. Madison, WI: Association of College and Research Libraries. Women's Studies Section.
These core lists of books are intended to assist women's studies librarians and collection development librarians in building women's studies collections. Because the lists include only books currently in print, they also serve as a guide to teaching faculty in selecting available course readings. The focus of the lists is on women in the United States. Each list consists of 20 to 75 titles, and the most important five to ten titles are starred. The lists are updated each January. Titles no longer in print are dropped, and newly published titles added.


Core List of Journals for Women and Gender Studies. Ed. Erica Carlson Nicol. June 2008.
This core list of journals in women and gender studies serves as a tool for building women and gender studies collections [and] provides a foundation for study and research from a feminist perspective within the humanities, sciences and social sciences. [home page] Each entry includes a list of databases that index the journal.


Feminist Periodicals, 1855-1984: An Annotated Critical Bibliography of British, Irish, Commonwealth and International Titles.. London: Harvester Press, 1987.
(Uris Stacks [A.D. White] Z 7963 .F44 D73)
"Informed, critical and very useful. The term feminist is rather broadly interpreted for the earlier years." [Feminist and Women's Periodicals at Stanford]


The Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage: A Reader's Companion to the Writers and their Works, from Antiquity to the Present. Ed. Claude J. Summers. Revised ed. New York: Routledge, 2002.
(Olin Stacks PN 56 .H57 G365x 2002)
Entries for gay and lesbian authors from the classical period to the present.


Goodfriend, Joyce D. The Published Diaries and Letters of American Women: An Annotated Bibliography. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1987. (G. K. Hall women's studies publications).
(Olin Ref Z 7963 .B6 G65)
Arranged in chronological order by the initial date of composition. Limited to diaries and letters of American women writing in the United States. There are nine titles in CUL in this series (G. K. Hall women's studies publications), seven are women's studies bibliographies published in the 1980s. Searching the series name as a title in the Cornell Library Catalog will pull up the list of the remaining titles.


Huls, Mary Ellen. United States Government Documents on Women, 1800-1990: A Comprehensive Bibliography. 2 volumes. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1993.
(Olin Ref Z 7964 .U49 H85x 1993, also ILR Reference)
Volume one covers social issues; volume two covers labor.


Reader's Guide to Women's Studies. Ed. Eleanor B. Amico. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, 1998.
(Olin Reference HQ 1180 .R42x 1998; also in Law Reference)
"An attempt to guide the reader through the mass of published work on wmen and gender to date.... The purpose ... is to provide the reader with discussions of some of the best books on over 500 topics and individuals in women's studies.... Only books available in English are listed." [from Editor's Note].


Ridinger, Robert B. Marks. The Gay and Lesbian Movement: Reference and Resources. New York: G. K. Hall, 1996.
(Olin Stacks HQ 76.5 .R53x 1996)
An annotated bibliography of over 1900 publications on the gay and lesbian social mvoement from 1969 to 1993.


Smith, Hilda L. Women and the Literature of the Seventeenth Century: An Annotated Bibliography based on Wing's Short-title Catalogue. New York: Greenwood, 1990.
(Olin Reference Z 2002 .S66)
The compilers identified and annotated 637 works by women and an additional 973 titles for and about women from Wing's classic Short-title Catalogue covering 1641-1700. The full text of the works cited in this bibliography are available in Early English Books Online.


Women's Periodicals and Newspapers from the 18th Century to 1981: A Union List of the Holdings of Madison, Wisconsin libraries. Compiled by Maureen E. Hady, Barry Christopher Noonan, Neil E. Strache; in association with the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1982.
(Olin Reference Z 7965 .H13; also in A.D. White)
"A bibliography with library holdings of 1,461 publications, many of which are newspapers. Still relevant because of the extensive newspaper holdings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin and the reputation Danky and Hady have for high-quality newspaper bibliography." [Guide to Reference]


Women's Periodicals in the United States: Consumer Magazines. Kathleen L. Endres and Therese L. Lueck, eds. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1995.
(Olin Reference PN 4879 .W6 1995)
"Bibliography of women's consumer magazines, both current and historical. The volume includes approximately 75 essay-length annotations, each of which also details the complete publication history and suggests sources for further information." [Guide to Reference]


Women's Periodicals in the United States: Social and Political Issues. Kathleen L. Endres and Therese L. Lueck, eds. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1996.
(Olin Reference PN 4879 .W614x 1996)
"Annotated bibliography of 76 leading women's periodicals of social, political, and economic reform movements published in the 19th and 20th centuries. Lengthy annotations discuss the historical context of the profiled publications and include additional information sources and complete publication histories. Excludes consumer magazines." [Guide to Reference]

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