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A Guide to News Research: Where to Find News Articles: Pre-1980
U.S. Coverage

A chronological overview of the major resources for finding the news, both historical and recent, with advice for the news researcher. Formerly called Finding the News. Click on the BLUE TABS below to access each section of this guide.

Pre 1980 U.S. News Coverage

ProQuest Historical Newspapers [PQHN].

Searchable access to the scanned pages of these major newspapers. [See also Ethnic News for African-American and Hispanic newspaper titles.
Coverage: Baltimore Sun (1837-1992), Boston Globe (1872-1986), Chicago Tribune (1849-1994), Hartford Courant (1764-1992), Los Angeles Times (1881-1994), New York Times (1851-2014), New York Tribune / Herald Tribune (1841-1962), Wall Street Journal (1889-2000), and Washington Post (1877-2001).
African-American newspapers: Chicago Defender (1910-1975), New York Amsterdam News (1922-1993), and Pittsburgh Courier (1911-2002).
International newspapers: Chinese Newspapers Collection (1832-1953), Globe and Mail [Toronto] (1844-2013), Irish Times / Weekly Irish Times [Dublin] (1859-2016), and Times of India (1838-2008).

Another year of coverage is added each calendar year (most titles).

In addition, printed newspaper indexes cover some individual newspaper titles before 1980. For events of national interest in the years before 1980, you can use the New York Times Index (1851 to 2017), the Washington Post Index (1971 to date), the Wall Street Journal Index (1955 to date), and the Christian Science Monitor Index (1949 to date) in Olin Reference. The Wall Street Journal Index is also available in the Management Library from 1958 to date.

New York Times Index. New York: The Times, 1851 through 2016.
(Olin Ref AI 21 .N56 ++; 1851 to 2016)

An annual printed subject index to the New York Times. Useful in locating material in other newspapers because it can be used to date events. Brief synopses of articles answer some questions without having to go to the paper itself. Citations include date, page, and column number. The arrangement and subject headings are unique to this index, so check the front of the volume for instructions. You can use this index to follow the course of particular events throughout the year. Narrow topics are often cross-referenced to an article listed under a broader topic. Ceased with 2016.

OTHER SEARCHABLE DATABASES OF U.S. NEWSPAPERS: See our list of online newspaper databases.

UNDERGROUND NEWSPAPERS ON MICROFILM. Three unindexed microfilm collections of underground newspapers (covering the 1960s to 1980s) are housed in Olin Library: Underground Newspaper Collection (476 reels, Film 3055), Hoover Institution Supplement to Underground Press Collection (16 reels, Film 3055A), and UMC Library Underground Newspaper Collection (9 reels, Film 8224). Guides for all three collections are shelved in the microform guide area in Olin Reference. Records for every title in the Underground Newspaper Collection are searchable in the Cornell Library Catalog.

In addition, Olin Library houses a large number of unindexed newspapers from before the twentieth century. See EARLY AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS for more information.


The WorldCat database is a searchable catalog of many U.S. newspaper titles and the libraries that own them.