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Book Reviews: A Finding Guide: Print Resources

Access to critical reviews of thousands of books. Click on the TABS to access each section.

Print Resources

American Reference Books Annual. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 1970 to date.
(Latest volume: Olin Ref Z 1035.1 .A55. Previous volumes: Uris Stacks Periodicals Z 1035.1 .A55) 
Covers 1970 to date. Reviews of reference titles only. ARBA Online covers 1997 to date.


Bibliographie der Rezensionen. [see title changes below] Leipzig, Germany: F. Dietrich, 1900-1943.
(Olin + AI 9 .B583)
Covers 1900 to 1943. Like its successor, IBR, there is extensive coverage of book reviews in the European journal literature. Numerous title changes as follows: Bibliographie der Deutschen Rezensionen [1900-1911], Bibliographie der Rezensionen [1911-1914], Bibliographie der Rezensionen und Referate [1915-1921], and Bibliographie der Rezensionen [1921-1942/1943]. For coverage from 1971 to date, see IBR.


Book Review Digest. New York: H. W. Wilson, 1905 to 1983.
(Olin Ref Z 1219 .B72)
Volumes covering 1905 to 1983 are currently shelved in Olin Reference. BRD is available online as Book Review Digest Plus.
A digest of book reviews appearing in approximately 80 periodicals, reviewing some 4,000 books annually. Entries are arranged alphabetically by author and include price, publisher and other bibliographic information. This is followed by a descriptive note or synopsis of the book, then citations to the reviews with excerpts from as many reviews as are necessary to reflect the evaluations of the articles. Each citation includes the name of the periodical, page and date of review as well as the number of words in the review. Published monthly and cumulated annually into a bound volume containing a subject and title index at the back. Every fifth year a cumulated subject and title index was published.


Book Review Index. Detroit: Gale.
(Olin Ref Z 1219 .B721)
Covers 1965 to 2009. Five-year cumulated indexes ease searching. Indexes reviews of books and periodicals appearing in over 500 scholarly, popular, and professional periodicals. Titles reviewed include children's, young adult, and reference books. Each record includes: author and title of the work being reviewed, journal title abbreviation, date of review, page number, and indication of the length of the review. Abbreviations and full journal titles are listed in the front of each volume.


Book Review Index to Social Science Periodicals: 1964-1974. Ann Arbor: Pierian Press. 4 volumes.
(Olin Ref AI 3 .I3671)
Covers 1964-1974. Four volumes. Volume 1 covers 1964-1970; volume 2, 1971; volume 3, 1972; volume 4, 1973-March 1974. Supplements Book Review Digest and Book Review Index, complements Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities, and forms the predecessor to review coverage in Social Sciences Index and Current Book Review Citations.


Book Reviews in Historical Periodicals. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1972-1977. 6 annual volumes.
(Uris Stacks Z 6205 .I38)
Covers 1972-1977. A short-lived effort by John W. Brewster and Jospeh A. McLeod at North Texas State University. Because it indexes reviews of books about non-North American history (and therefore supplements what is available in America: History & Life), I include it here. An example of the obscure book review sources that lurk in the Uris stacks. For a guide to the obscure, see the Postscript.


Combined Retrospective Index to Scholarly Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals, 1886-1974. Arlington, VA: Carrollton Press, 1979. 15 volumes.
(Olin Ref AI 3 .C73)
Covers 1886-1974. Indexes "one million book reviews which appeared in the complete backfiles of 459 scholarly journals in History, Political Science, and Sociology." [Introduction]


Current Book Review Citations. Bronx, NY: H. W. Wilson, 1976-1982.
(Olin Ref Z 1219 .C98)
Covers 1976-1982. Compiles citations to the reviews that appeared in all the Wilson indexes (Reader's Guide, General Science Index, Humanities Index, Social Sciences Index). Over one thousand journals are covered.


French Periodical Index. Westwood, MA: F. W. Faxon, 1973-1995. Annual cumulations.
(Olin Ref AI 7 .F87)
Covers 1973-1995. Mainly in French, this is a general periodical index intended for college students in advanced French language classes. Began indexing 7 titles in 1973; 63 titles indexed in 1995. Book reviews are under the subject heading "Livre."


Index to Australian Book Reviews. Adelaide: Library Board of South Australia.
(Uris Stacks Periodicals Oversize Z 4011 .I38)
Covers 1965-1970.


Index to Book Reviews in England. Compiled by Antonia Forster. Vol. 1, Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1990; vol. 2, London: British Library, 1996.
(Olin Ref AI 3 .F73)
Covers 1749-1800. Volume 1 covers 1749-1774; volume 2 covers 1775-1800. "[R]eviewing, in anything approaching the modern sense of the term, began in the eighteenth century, with the Monthly Review [available in the Early English Newspapers microform set: Film 5053, reels 1215-1247] in 1749, and there is much to be learned about its place in and impact on eighteenth-century literature" [Preface to volume 1]. Books reviewed are likely to be found in ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online).


Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities. Williamston, MI: P. Thomson.
(Olin Ref AI 3 .I367)
Covers 1960-1990. Annual index. Originally indexed "several hundred periodicals" in English. Foreign-language titles added in 1970. [Guide to Reference Books, 11th ed., AA372].


Internationale Bibliographie der Rezensionen geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlicher Literatur = International bibliography of book reviews of scholarly literature on the humanities and social sciences. [aka IBR] Osnabrück, Germany: F. Dietrich, 1971 to date.
(Olin Stacks + AI 9 .I612, latest 5 years in Olin Reference)
Covers 1971 to date. Extensive coverage of book reviews in the European journal literature. Appears annually in two half year parts. Each part contains five sections--A: Autoren/Authors index, B: Rezensenten/Reviewers index, C: Titel/Titles index, D: Sachgebiets/Subjects index, E: Zeitschriften/Periodicals index.


The Literary [and Historical] Index to American Literary Magazines. Compiled by Daniel A. Wells. 3 volumes by various publishers, 1980, 1996, 2004.
(Olin Ref Z 1225 .W38x)
Covers 1800-1900 in three volumes. See note below. An index to writing about literary and historical Americans from the period. Book reviews are labeled with the abbreviation "rev."
Note: The original volume covering 1815-1865 appears to have indexed only two titles not included in the last two volumes--Harbinger, a weekly from Brook Farm, and New Mirror, a brief successor to New York Mirror; otherwise this volume is superseded by the latter two.


Marcuse, Michael J. Reference Guide for English Studies. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990.
(Olin Ref Z 2011 .M32 1990)
See section Z-66, Aids for Locating Contemporary Reviews, page 551. Of particular value for locating eighteenth-century through early nineteenth century sources of literary reviews.


Reference Reviews Europe Annual. Firenze: Casalini Libri, 1995 to date.
(Olin Z 1002 .R32; latest year in Reference)
Covers 1995 forward. Use the online version, Reference Reviews Europe Online, which begins with 1994.


Referencias críticas autores chilenos. Santiago de Chile: Biblioteca Nacional, 1968-1994[?].
(Uris Stacks Periodicals Z 1701 .R33)
We own 1968-1985, 1987-1988. A book review index in Spanish published by the National Library of Chile.


Science Fiction Book Review Index. Detroit: Gale, 1975, 1981.
(Olin Ref Z 5917 .S36 H17 and Z 5917 .S36 H171)
Covers 1923-1973 and 1974-1979 in two volumes.