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Zombie Survival Guide: Home

Study up on zombie-related holdings at the Cornell University Library before the Zombie Apocalypse. Halloween is coming, too, prime time for the undead!

Stay Safe!

In case of a zombie attack, it is generally considered safest to stay indoors.

Luckily, you don't need to venture out into danger to research your zombie foes. Use almost all of Cornell University Library's resources right where you are! All you need is your netid and password.


NOTE: Not only is this a Guide ABOUT Zombies, but it IS a Zombie! It continues living on long after I left it for dead.

However, I plan on returning to my evil ways and attempting to use my own brain to reanimate it as we get closer to Halloween. Or maybe I will attempt some voodoo this time, so beware...

Quick Guide to Survival

Your Zombie Librarian

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