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Social Media: Guide to Searching Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Videos, Images, etc.: "Historical" Social Media
(Over 10 days old)

Tips & Tricks to searching current and "historical" social media content.

Google - Advanced Searching Tips

Google is the best search engine to find web content by date. Use Google's Advanced Search or facets to refine results.

If you're looking for Twitter posts, however, Google is not the best search engine. See Searching Twitter on this guide.


After you enter search terms, there are two ways to refine your results by date, language, content, etc.

1. Go to "Advanced Search" for filter options. The "Advanced Search" link is currently at the bottom of the results page (or under "options" icon, top right of page).










2. Use the filters on the left. Click on "More Search Tools"

  • Limit by "Custom Date Range"
  • Limit by content type (blogs, images, videos, news, etc.)


Specialized Search Engines for older digital media

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