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European Statistics and Data: Reference guide: Visualizing Data

Online and selected print resources for West, Central and Eastern Europe.

Visualising data

Graphical representation of digital data permits users to quickly grasp fundamental attributes. These tools are designed to draw data from numerical data in Excel-like tabs.

Create simple, interactive charts. (Web-based, free)

Google Documents
Many types of visualization tools.  Ideas and suggestions:

Many Eyes - Visualizations
Online application offering advanced visualization possibilities. (Web-based, free)

To go further, see this list of specialized tools at DiRT (Digital research tools).

Geographic Information System of the European Commission

GISCO Download data, posters and publications.  Data requires a GIS software. Statistical Atlas of the EU 2012; datasets for 2010, and more

Wrong Versus Right in Cartographic Practice

Euro trends

European Central Bank (ECB) EU agency charged with managing the euro and monetary policyOffers customizable  Euro exchange rates and trend graphs.

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