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Science Fiction & Fantasy: A Research Guide: Book & Film
Review Sources

This research guide to science fiction/fantasy literature and film emphasizes reference resources and databases available at the Cornell University Library (and beyond).

Science Fiction Book Review Sources

The titles below specifically index reviews that appeared in science fiction and fantasy periodicals, which for the most part are excluded from general periodical and book review indexes.

Multidisciplinary Book Review Sources

Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI)
ISI citation databases -- under the collective name Web of Science -- are multidisciplinary databases of bibliographic information indexed to be searched by subject, author, journal, and/or author address. They can also be searched for articles that cite a known author or work. Cited reference searching allows use of a given work as if it were a subject term, to identify more recent articles on the same topic. search by footnoted source (1975 - date)
Proquest Research Library
Research Library, formerly known as Periodical Abstracts, is a comprehensive database available through the ProQuest online system. It indexes and abstracts general interest magazines and scholarly journals in the social sciences, humanities and sciences.
Periodicals Index Online (formerly PCI). 1770 - 1993. 
Electronic index to thousands of periodicals in the humanities and social sciences, covering each periodical from its first issue. Every article is indexed. The scope is international, including journals in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and other languages. Coverage currently extends from 1665 through 1995.


Readers' Guide Retrospective.
A database containing comprehensive indexing of the most popular general-interest periodicals published in the United States.  Covers the years 1890 through 1982. Print version known as Reader's Guide or Readers Guide.

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Film Review Indexes

Film Review Annual. Englewood: J.S. Ozer, 1981/1982- . (Olin Reference PN 1995 F48)
Issued annually, this source reprints reviews from a wide range of newspapers and magazines of full length films released in major markets in the U.S. Arranged by title of the film, entries include credits and playing time. Indexed by critics, cast, producers, and directors.
Film Review Index. Phoenix: Oryx, 1986. (Olin Reference PN 1995 F483)
This index lists articles about specific films which have established themselves over the years as being of continuing interest to researchers and students. Coverage begins in 1882; however, the primary focus of this two-volume set begins in 1903. Vol. 1 covers the years from 1882-1949; Vol. 2, from 1950-1985. Many reviews for films released between 1976 and 2001 listed in the FRI are also cited in Film Literature Index.
Media Review Digest. Ann Arbor: Pierian, 1973-. (Olin stacks AI 3 M961)
Formerly Multi Media Reviews Index (1970-1973), this is "an annual index to and digest of reviews, evaluations and descriptions of all forms of non-book media appearing in a great variety of periodicals and reviewing serves." Films, filmstrips, spoken word records and tapes and miscellaneous non-book items are included. Each entry provides a brief description, citations to reviews and a review rating.
New York Times Film Reviews. New York: Times and Arno, 1913- . (Olin Reference PN 1995 N56++)
Originally published in 1970 as a six volume set, duplicating Times reviews for the years 1913-1968 with update volumes through 1982. Each volume is arranged in chronological order and gives full texts of reviews which appeared in the Times on a given date. Title access is available through indexes at the end of the volumes. Reviews are signed, though some with initials only. Numerous photographs. Full-text of NYT film reviews through 2007 are also included in Proquest Historical Newspapers
New York Times Directory of the Film. New York: Arno, 1973- . (Olin Ref PN 1995 N39)
A reprinting of the personal name and corporate name index sections from the index volume of the New York Times Film Reviews. It is useful since the reference in the citation is to the date and the page of the newspaper. The list of awards and reviews of the yearly "Ten Best" films has been updated every year since 1970.
Web of Science/Arts & Humanities Citation Index. (AHCI) 1975 - date.
see annotation in left column.
ProQuest Research Library. Ann Arbor: UMI, 1986- .
See annotation in left column.
Periodicals Index Online (formerly PCI). 1770 - 1993.
See annotation in left column.
Readers’ Guide Retrospective
Indexes film reviews in general interest periodicals alphabetically by title under the headings Moving Picture Plays--Criticism (earlier volumes) or Motion Picture Reviews. Covers the years 1890 through 1982.
Rotten Tomatoes.
"With more than 100,000 titles and 360,000 review links in its ever-growing database, Rotten Tomatoes offers a fun and informative way to discover the critical reaction on movies from the nation's top print and online film critics, neatly summarized via the Tomatometer™."

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When Androids Invaded Cornell...

Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the basis for the film Blade Runner, was chosen for Cornell's 2010 New Student Reading Project. The "Android Lectures" delivered by Cornell faculty from a range of science, social sciences, and humanities disciplines may be viewed online. You may also view the virtual library exhibition of related materials from the Kroch Rare & Manuscript Collection that were displayed in support of the Project.

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