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Genealogy: Finding Your Ancestors Online

A guide to genealogy resources on the Web and in the Cornell University Library


Because genealogists now use computers to access online resources, they tend to accumulate more information more quickly than before. Using computer software to organize, manage, and backup makes more sense than ever.


Genealogy Software and Digital Preservation

  • Legacy  A very full-featured commercial software program absolutely free.  If you try it and like it, the "Pro" version is worth investing in.
  • More software  This section of Cyndi's List is full of other options. Macintosh users might consider Reunion 11.
  • Personal archiving The Library of Congress' guide to preservation of personal digital information such as photos and documents.

Other ways to Organize

If you prefer to organize using paper, files and filing cabinets, binders, notebooks, here are some tips:


Organizing your Files (From Family Search)

Organize Your Genealogy with Four Binders (pdf)

Keeping a Genealogy Research Notebook


Sharing Genealogy Online & in Print

If you decide you want to share online or publish your genealogy research. Here are three options to consider:


1. Share your your family tree online

Ancestry's Trees Allows users to share or "publish" their family trees online. It's convenient, easy, and attractive. It's possible to sign up for an account and do this for free, but a paid individual subscription to Ancestry provides more options and features (such as the ability to download others' documents, photos and other attachments and upload your own). Many people subscribe for a few months, then unsubscribe.

WikiTree is free, has similar features to Ancestry's Trees, allowing you to share/publish family trees online.


2. Blog about your Family's History

Family Tree Magazine's 40 Best Genealogy Blogs

How to Blog About Your Family History Search

Genealogy Blog or Book? Some Considerations (from The Armchair Genealogist)


3. Write a Book about your Family's History

Genealogy Blog or Book? Some Considerations (from The Armchair Genealogist)

Writing a Family History Book (from The Armchair Genealogist)


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