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U.S. Government Documents: Executive Orders & Proclamations

Created by Fred Muratori

Executive Orders & Proclamations

Executive Orders and Proclamations are the formal mechanisms through which the president prescribes the conduct of business in the executive branch. They are often regarded as "presidential legislation." These documents are cited with the following abbreviated prefixes: EO_ (date) for Executive Order; Proc._ (date) for Proclamation.


Finding Aids:

CIS Index to Presidential Executive Orders and Proclamations, 1789 - 1983. OLIN REF +J80 C57


Full-text online:

CoverageNetworked Resource
2009 - date Compilation of Presidential Documents
ProQuest, FDsys
1965 - 2009 Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
Hein Online
1996 - present
Compilation of Presidential Documents
1992 - present
Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents
1994 - present Federal Register*

*Note: See also online resources offering Title 3 of the Code of Federal Regulations, such as Hein (1936 - present), FDsys, and Lexis-Nexis Academic.


Print/Microform Locations

CoverageLibrary Location
1965 - 2008 print; Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents*
Lower Level OLIN J 80 A87+
1936 - present print; Code of Federal Regulations, Title 3,OLIN REF KF 70 A34 C6
1929 - 1933
1945 - 1998
print; Public Papers of the Presidents, Lower Level OLIN +J 80 A2
1789 - 1983 microform; CIS Presidential Executive Orders and Proclamations
Lower Level, Microfiche 818 (index in REF +J 80 C57)

*Note: Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents includes all public communications of the President, including speeches and press conferences, as well as orders and proclamations. As of January 20, 2009 it was superseded by Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents, which is only available online.

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