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U.S. Government Documents: Senate Executive Documents & Reports

Created by Fred Muratori

Senate Executive Documents & Reports

These are "formal documents that trace the part played by committees in the Senate's exercise of its constitutional Advice and Consent role in the making of treaties and nominations." (CIS) They have existed in printed form since 1818, but before 1930 -- if published prior to official confirmations or ratifications -- they were considered confidential materials and so were not widely distributed. Executive documents and reports were not included in the Serial Set until 1980. Senate documents and reports are cited as Exec. Doc. and Exec. Rept. They are numbered sequentially within each Congress (e.g., Exec.Rept. 99-1).

Finding Aids:

CIS Index tro US Senate Executive Documents and Reports...1817-1969. OLIN REF Z1223 A155


Full-text online:

CoverageNetworked Resource
104th Congress (1995) - present GPO Access


Print/Microform Locations

CoverageLibrary Location
1817 - 1969 microfiche; Lower level, Microfiche 879
1980 (96th) print; Serial Set (Library Annex)
1981 (97th) - 2007 (110th) print; Serial Set (Lower Level)


Executive reports and documents indexed in the GPO Monthly Catalog are also available in the Readex microfiche set.

Executive sessions of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 1947 - date.

Full-text online:

CoverageNetworked Resource
1947 - date Proquest Congressional


Print/Microform Locations

CoverageLibrary Location
1947 - 1968 print; Olin Library KF25.8.F6 E96
print: Law Library KF4987.F6 A243
1976-<1988 print; Law Library KF26 .F6 85th Execu

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