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U.S. Government Documents: Committee Documents

Created by Fred Muratori

House and Senate Documents

Committee documents are extremely varied, and include, for example, presidential messages, budget amendments, the President's State of the Union Address, and reference works such as the House and Senate Manuals and the pamphlet How Our Laws Are Made. Documents are cited with the abbreviated prefixes H. Doc. for House of Representatives, and S. Doc. for Senate. With rare individual exceptions, Committee documents are not cataloged.


Full-text online:

CoverageNetworked Resource
104th Congress (1995) - present ProQuest Congressional (some Documents not available)
99th Congress (1985) - present FDsys Coverage incomplete before 1995.
104th Congress (1995) - present Thomas
23rd Congress (1833) - 64th Congress (1915-17)
      *Selected documents only*
American Memory
15th Congress (1817) - 96th Congress (1980) U.S. Congressional Serial Set (Readex)
1st Congress (1789) - 25th Congress (1838) American State Papers (Library of Congress)



Print/Microform Locations

CoverageLibrary Location
1789 (1st) - 1817 (14th) print; American State Papers, 38 vols., (Kroch Rare & Manuscript Collection, J33++)
1817 (15th) - 1980 (96th) print; Serial Set (Library Annex)
1981 (97th) - 2007 (110th) print; Serial Set (Lower Level)
see Library Catalog for holdings fiche; Lower Level; Microfiche 2701



The printed Serial Set runs through 2007. Though the Library will continue to receive paper copies as long as they are supplied through the depository program, current documents will only be available in electronic form until the paper documents are received and bound.

Our printed Serial Set holdings are not complete. See United States Serial Set in John M. Olin Library, OLIN REF Z1223 A16 C74+ (2 vols.) for a shelf inventory list compiled in 1991.

Congressional documents are a rich source of map material. See CIS US Serial Set Index,, Part 14, Vols. 1-10 (OLIN REF Z1223 A16 C74+ pt. 14, v1 -v10) for cartographic materials published in the Serial Set from 1789 through 1925.

Some Executive Branch publications (which were directed by Congress to appear in the Serial Set) between 1907 - 1912 were received as individual volumes not bound with the Serial Set. Some of these may be found in the catalog as separately cataloged volumes.

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