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U.S. Government Documents: Committee Reports

Created by Fred Muratori

House and Senate Committee Reports

Committee reports describe the purpose and scope of the bill to which they are attached. They also provide arguments in favor of the bill's approval. If a committee votes to report a bill favorably to the full House or Senate, it does so with an accompanying report. As a rule, reports are favorable towards the bill under consideration and provide a useful source for determining "legislative intent." Reports are cited with the abbreviated prefixes H. Rpt. for House of Representatives, and S. Rpt. for Senate. With rare exceptions, Reports are not cataloged.

Full-text online:

CoverageNetworked Resource
101st Congress (1989) - present ProQuest Congressional
104th Congress (1995) - present FDsys Coverage incomplete before 1995.
104th Congress (1995) - present Thomas
23rd Congress (1833) - 64th Congress (1915-17)
      *Selected reports only*
American Memory
15th Congress (1817) - 96th Congress (1980) U.S. Congressional Serial Set
1st Congress (1789) - 25th Congress (1838) American State Papers (Library of Congress)


Print/Microform Locations

CoverageLibrary Location
1789 (1st) - 1817 (14th) print; American State Papers, 38 vols., Kroch Rare & Manuscript Collection J33++
1789 (1st) - 1860 (36th) print; New American State Papers.
       Call numbers vary by subject, as follows:
  • Agriculture -- 19v. Library Annex HD 1759 U58 1973
  • Commerce and Navigation -- 47v. Olin HF 3025 U53 1973+
  • Explorations and Surveys -- 15v. Olin F 592 U58+
  • Indian Affairs -- 13v. Olin E93 U577+
  • Military Affairs -- 19v. Olin E181 N53+
  • Naval Affairs -- 10v. Olin E182 N53+
  • Public Finance -- 32v. Olin HJ249 U58 1972+
  • Public Lands -- 8v. Library Annex HD171 A212 1973
  • Science and Technology -- 14v. Olin Q127 U6 U573 1973+
  • Social Policy -- 5v. Olin HN57 U53 1972+
  • Transportation -- 7v. Olin HE204 U58 1972+

Correlation List of Serial Set volume numbers to this set: Olin Ref Z 1223 Z7 H73+

1817 (15th) - 1980 (96th) print; Serial Set (Library Annex)
(see Requesting Serial Set Volumes from the Annex)
1981 (97th) - 2007 (110th) print; Serial Set (Lower Level)

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