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U.S. Government Documents: Readex

Created by Fred Muratori

Readex Microform Set

Readex refers to a commercial microform set that reproduces both depository and non-depository publications listed in the GPO Monthly Catalog (Olin Reference Z1223 A18). Fiche are arranged according to the Monthy Catalog entry number, usually in the form of a 2-digit year followed by a number (e.g., 92-1204). The set itself is uncataloged (though collection-level records are included in the online catalog) and housed on the Lower Level, as follows:


1953 - 1980 non-depository items Microprint; Olin Lower Level
1956 - 1980 depository items Microprint; Olin Lower Level
1981 - 2008 depository items Microfiche; Olin Lower Level
1981 - 2007 non-depository items Microfiche; Olin Lower Level

In the printed Monthly Catalog, Depository items are marked with a large black dot. Depository/non-depository status is NOT consistently indicated in records from either online GPO catalog datase, though there may be a Note field indentifying depository items that have been distributed in microfiche.

Be aware that Readex has not been able to provide copies of all the documents recorded in the Monthly Catalog, especially non-depository items. Expect to find, on occasion, a white card noting the unavailability of a particular item for microfilming.

(Also see Locating a Hearing in the Readex microcard/microfiche of U.S. Government Publications.)

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