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U.S. Government Documents: Committee Prints

Created by Fred Muratori

Committee Prints

Committee prints are publications prepared for the use of a Congressional committee either as a research study, activity report, on compilation of material of general interest. Prints are cataloged separately, and may be located by title in the card or online catalogs.

Finding Aids:

CIS US Congressional Committee Prints Index From the Earliest Publications Through 1969. OLIN REF +Z1223 A1207.

Prints, both current and historical, can also be identified online in ProQuest Congressional.


Full-text online:

CoverageNetworked Resource
1830 - present ProQuest Congressional


Print/Microform Locations

CoverageLibrary Location
1973 -date print; check online catalog
Readex microform; check GPO Monthly Catalog for number
pre-1973 print; check online catalog
Readex microform; check printed GPO Monthly Catalog (OLIN REFERENCE Z1223 A18) for number

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