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Japanese Studies in English: A Research Guide: Other

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Other Catalogs

NDL (National Diet Library of Japan) OPAC.
The National Diet Library online catalog has an English user interface. Search for books in the holdings of the National Diet Library. From this screen, you can also search the Zasshi kiji sakuin (Japanese Periodical Index). We have interlibrary loan access to the titles held by the National Diet Library of Japan

Webcat. National Institute of Informatics, NII.
A union catalog of books and serials that cover participating university libraries throughout Japan. English-language search interface is available.

Webcat Plus. National Institute of Informatics, NII.
A second-generation Webcat.
Since 1998, NII has been operating the Webcat service, which can search for bibliographic and library-related information on books and journals based on a "catalog information database." The service has proved popular both in Japan and abroad. NII developed Webcat Plus as a "second-generation Webcat" by significantly enhancing its search functions and performance and by improving usability. NII has postponed the integration of Webcat service into the Webcat Plus during the fiscal year 2005 (until March 31, 2006), [the date] which had been announced before.

Waseda University WINE OPAC. Waseda University Library.
The online catalog of the holdings of Waseda University Library. English-language and Japanese-language search interfaces are available. The catalog is easily searchable using romaji, kana, or kanji. It is the best site for checking the romanization of catalog records. Waseda lends internationally.

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