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Cornell University History: A Research Guide: Digital

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Selected Digital & Multimedia Collections about Cornell

ARTstor Shared Shelf Commons.
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Click on the Collections link under BROWSE, then double click on Cornell: Campus Artifacts, Art & Memorabilia. From there you can browse or search the collection. This collection includes updated images and information that supersedes these two books: Wells, Elizabeth Baker. Contributions to Cornell History: Portraits and Memorabilia (1984) and Nelson, Diane B. Contributions to Cornell History: Portraits, Memorabilia, Plaques and Artists (1990).

Cornell University Archives Web Archive
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"The University Archives collects and preserves records of historical, legal, fiscal, and/or administrative value to Cornell University. Holdings include official records and reports of the university, its officers, and component parts; private papers of faculty, students, staff, and alumni; official and student publications; maps and architectural records; audiovisual materials including still photographs and negatives, motion picture film, oral history interviews, and audio and video tapes; and artifacts and ephemera documenting Cornell's history. This web collection includes web sites in the domain, as well as external sites created by Cornell-affiliated groups."

Cornell University Digital Archives. Ithaca: Digital Consulting & Production Services, Cornell University Library.  
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Contains the following digitized materials:

The Cornell Era, a weekly paper, 1868-1871
Cornell University Class Book, 1897-1904
Annual Report of the President, 1881-1899, 1939-1949
The Register, 1882-1910
Official Publications of Cornell University, vols. 7-14, 1915-1923
Proceedings of the Board of Trustees of Cornell University, Including the Minutes of the Executive Committee, April 1865 - July 1885

CornellCast (formerly Tower Topics).
A collection of nearly 2,000 videos by and about Cornell. Includes CyberTower, Cornell faculty lectures on a wide variety of subjects.
Ezra Cornell Papers. Ithaca: Cornell University Library, 2004.  
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Digitized materials related to the life of Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University. Consists of three parts: Ezra Cornell's Correspondence and Diaries (1746-1886), Ezra Cornell's Life and Times (an online exhibit prepared by the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections), and Genealogy of the Cornell Family by John Cornell, published in 1902.
Ezra's Farmstead: The Origins of Cornell. Presented by Kent Hubbell and John Ullberg. Ithaca: Cornell University, 2004 - 2011.
Full Text & Video
Seven streaming videos with Kent Hubbell and John Ullberg: Introduction (5:20), Stone Row (15:14), North End (10:23), East/South Ends (14:03), Newer Buildings (9:10), Conclusion (7:36), and Dedication (00:32). "The story of the earliest days of Cornell University is about much more than the construction of buildings. The opinions and personalities of the men and women decision-makers, the political climate of the times, the financial health of the University, even the layout of the surrounding landscape all played a vital role in the formation of what we know today as the Cornell campus." [from the Introduction episode]
Human Ecology: Historical Photographs. Ithaca: College of Human Ecology and Cornell University Library Rare and Manuscript Collections, 1999-2003. 
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"This Web site provides a database of selected images and information from the records of the College of Home Economics. The photographs are organized by general subjects: Resident Teaching; International, National, State, and Local Public Relations; All-College Activities; Administration and Personnel; Departments and Divisions; Buildings and Equipment; History of the College; and Miscellaneous. Within any particular general subject category, there are more specific topics, e.g. "Resident Teaching" includes "Students and Student Life," "Homemaking Apartments," and "Apartment Babies." Descriptive information is provided for each image. Additional photographs may be found in this collection and in other holdings of the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections." [from About the Photographs]
Library MediaSpace.
An online collection of audio and video resources managed by DCAPS (Digital Production & Media Services in the Cornell University Library). Check out the Projects page to see what DCAPs is currently working on. Resources on the site are a combination of open access resources and some resources that are restricted to the Cornell community.
Olin @ 50: Inspiration since 1961.
A history of the Cornell University Library, Boardman Hall, and the Olin Library that replaced it. Don't miss the Resources section of the exhibit.
Uris Library Historical Tour.
Focuses on Uris Library's history and showcases its noteworthy architecture, collections and artwork.

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