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Cornell University History: A Research Guide: Historical Context:
Selected Books

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Selected Books

Although far from an exhaustive list of the books written about Cornell, these are the titles to consult first. Find more books about Cornell history by searching our online Library Catalog.

Altschuler, Glenn C., and Isaac Kramnick. Cornell: A History, 1940-2015. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2014.
(Available online in eBrary. Three print copies in Olin Library Stacks: LD 1370 .A57 2014; one copy in Olin Reference LD 1370 .A57 2014)
A history of Cornell University since the WWII era written by two Cornell faculty.
Bishop, Morris. A History of Cornell. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1962.
(Olin Reference LD 1368 .B62; Uris Reference and others)
A standard history of Cornell University up to about 1960.
Dimunation, Mark and Elaine D. Engst. A Legacy of Ideas: Andrew Dickson White and the Founding of the Cornell University Library. Ithaca: Cornell University Library, 1996.
(Uris Stacks Z 733.C81 A3 1996; also in Rare Books, Kroch Library Rare and Manuscript Collections). Available through eCommons@Cornell.
Kammen, Carol. Cornell: Glorious to View. Ithaca: Cornell University Library, 2003.
(Olin Reference + LD 1368 .K36x 2003). Selected text available through eCommons@Cornell.
The newest comprehensive history of Cornell University; written by a noted local historian.
Kane, Robert J. Good Sports: A History of Cornell Athletics. Ithaca: Cornell University, 1992.
(Olin Stacks + GV 691 .C8 K162)
The standard book-length treatment of this topic at Cornell.
Margulis, Daniel, ed. A Century at Cornell: Published to Commemorate the Hundredth Anniversary of the Cornell Daily Sun. Ithaca: Cornell Daily Sun, 1980.
(Olin Reference LD 1368 .C39)
High points selected from the files of the Cornell Daily Sun by the Sun staff.
Nelson, Diane B. Contributions to Cornell History: Portraits, Memorabilia, Plaques and Artists: 1990 addendum.... Ithaca: Office of Special Projects, University Development, Cornell University, 1990.
(Olin Reference LD 1371 .W45 1984 addendum 1990)
Supplement and update of Wells, listed below.
The updated version of the entries in this book is available online in the ARTstor Shared Shelf Commons, in the Cornell: Campus Artifacts, Art and Memorabilia Collection
Ostman, Ronald and Harry Littell. Cornell Then & Now: Historic and Contemporary Views of Cornell University. Ithaca: McBooks Press, 2003.
(Olin Reference + LD 1368 .O88x 2003; Olin Library Maps Oversize LD 1368 .O88 2003; Fine Arts Library Reserve)
Side-by-side black-and-white photographs of the same view taken decades apart to show changes on campus.
Parsons, Kermit C. The Cornell Campus: A History of its Planning and Development. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1968.
(Olin Reference LD 1368 .P26 C8; also Fine Arts Ref, more)
A history of the campus buildings and the design of the campus with numerous black and white photographs.
Wells, Elizabeth Baker. Contributions to Cornell History: Portraits and Memorabilia. Ithaca: s.n., 1984.
(Olin Reference LD 1371 .W45 1984; Fine Arts Reference N 582 .I85 W45 1984)
An annotated list of artworks and other significant markers displayed in and around campus buildings excluding the Johnson Museum of Art. Through 1984. Updated by Nelson (1990), listed above.
The updated version of the entries in this book is available online in ARTstor Shared Shelf Commons, in the Cornell: Campus Artifacts, Art and Memorabilia Collection

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