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AMST 1101: Introduction to American Studies (Spring 2016): Reading

A research guide for students in Barry Maxwell's course.

Reading Citations

First example

Daly, Mary. The Church and the Second Sex. Boston, 1985.

Is this a book, an essay, or an article published in a journal? Can you find it in the catalog?

Second example

Saiving, Valerie. "The Human Situation: A Feminine View," In Womanspirit Rising: A Feminist Reader in Religion, edited by Carol P. Christ and Judith Plaskow. San Francisco, 1992.

Look closely at the citation above. Is "The Human Situation: A Feminine View" the title of a book, or the title of an essay?

Third example

Thoughts about this one?

Taylor, Sarah McFarland. "Eating Spirit: Food, faith, and spiritual nourishment in the lives of the Green sisters." Ecotheology 11 no 4 D 2006, p 445-464

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