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Creating Database Search Alerts: Google

keep updated on recently published research by creating alerts within popular databases.

Setting up an Alert in Google Scholar

Alerts in Google

The Google Alerts page allows you to set up RSS or email alerts for Google, Google News, Google Books and blogs. Not available for Google Scholar.

Creating Alerts in Google Scholar:

To create an alert in Google Scholar:
  1. The first step to setting up an alert is to create a search
  2. On the results page, click on the white envelope icon that states "Create an Email Alert"
  3. Set alert parameters -- Alert name, email address, # of results
  4. Click "Create Alert"

To create "Cited By" citation alert, search for the title of the paper you wish to track.  Click on the "Create An Email Alert" icon.

There is no RSS option for Google Scholar.  

To access you list of alerts, click on the "List Alerts" option at the bottom of your alert emails.  Here you can modify or delete your Scholar Alerts.

Although you do not need a Google Account to set-up Google Scholar Alerts, you can create general Google Search Alerts with a Google Account. Access "My Account" at the top of the page in Google.  Under "My Products" is an option for managing Alerts.  You can set-up alerts that can be limited to news, blogs, realtime, video and discussions.  General Google Alerts can be delivered via RSS feed.

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